After 5 years of touring with Nine Sons of Dan lead singer Jay Bainbridge has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with Kyle Butcher on topics ranging from music videos, international radio stations and being true to himself on the band’s latest EP, Follow the Blood.
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Your latest EP was Rabbit Radio’s album of the week alongside Tuesday’s Good, how did the tracks that make up this EP come about?
Basically I’ve got a little home studio at my house and I’ve been sitting down over the past couple of years and writing some songs and this is a collection of my favourite songs from these years. They’re the best of the best at the moment for us.

How did you decide on the name and artwork for your EP?
Follow the Blood was my favourite song from the EP and to me it was the song that captured the EP in general, and I originally wanted to try a title that matched the whole meaning of the EP, but I ended up choosing Follow the Blood. As for the art, we’ve been getting into cool different styles of art for the band. We wanted something not so polished, a little bit dirtier, a little bit grungier and I really like the art, it’s awesome. We recorded the EP at a studio in Burleigh Heads called Loose Stones Studios, and we’ve always recorded there. Matt from Loose Stones produced the EP and I travelled to Nashville and we recorded some extra guitars and all my vocals over there, it was such an awesome time. It was epic.

How would you describe the title track Follow the Blood compositionally?
It’s very dramatic. Lyrically it’s probably the best effort that I’ve done so far, it just has a lot of really cool originality that I like. I didn’t actually write the bridge until we got into the studio and the vocals were recorded freestyle in ten takes at the studio just with me making stuff up. It’s probably the most natural compared to the other songs on the EP.

How do you feel Nine Sons of Dan have advanced from your previous release to now?
I think we’re being more honest with ourselves, we got too caught up with the bands we were playing with and the style that we were playing. We were trying to fit the mould a little bit and we tried finding what would work well on radio. This time around it was more an overall decision from the band to do what we want to do, I just want to write the songs I want to write. If radio doesn’t play our EP then it’s not the end of the world, I’ll have a cool EP to look back on when I’m fifty and I can show my kids and be proud of it. You can tell when we play it live compared to the other stuff that we get into this stuff so much harder, it’s cool.

Do you prefer touring or creating and recording new songs?
It’s hard because there’s good and bad things about both. I’m all about the studio experience and writing because to be honest being creative is why I’m doing this. I think even live there’s an aspect of being creative through trying to convey the message of a song and connecting with the crowd is an art form in itself, and we’re getting further and further along with that.

How has Follow the Blood been received internationally compared to in Australia?
US radio feedback we got has been really positive, everyone’s been really digging it. Compared to Australia, besides a couple of awesome selective radio stations that want to play alternative stuff, there’s only really Triple J and commercial radio. It’s hard to fit enough into one or the other and you can’t really be on both, which I find really weird because I come from the States and there’s a radio station for every genre of music over there.

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