No Fun At All + Wolfpack + Friends With The Enemy + Fake News: Live Review and Gallery | Vinnies Dive | Thursday 1 November 2018

Could a new punk venue ask for a better opening night than No Fun At All? The Swedish legends headlined the first of what is sure to be an endless line of epic evenings at dedicated punk rock bar, Vinnies Dive. The intimate venue gave the night a very old school, garage and grungy feel, perfect for the genre.

Gold Coast melodic punk act Friends With The Enemy supported and gave me a new hero in singer, Chelsea Bomb as she owned the space. Totally at home in a room full of Bad Religion / NoFx / Rancid / t-shirt wearers, Friends With The Enemy seriously banged one out. Melbourne thrash purveyors Wolfpack took over, shifting the mood with their more aggressive riffs and straight-to-the-punch vocals. My apologies go to Fake News who opened the gig before I could get there.

The energy in the room was electric as No Fun At All took the stage. Their merch tee had the line ‘Rebirth of skate punk pride’; I would suggest the Vinnies gig last night felt like a rejuvenation of punk rock counter-culture.  Opening with ‘Lose Another Friend’, No Fun At All unleashed the wild energy that can only be found in a dive full of raucous punks. The set list was packed with all the favourites from the 90’s all the way through to their 2018 release ‘Grit’. Standouts for me (judging with my bias and also mosh action) were ‘Good Advice’, ‘In a Moment’, ‘Runner’s High’ and ‘Out of Bounds’. ‘Perfection’ had the entire room screaming on repeat back to singer Ingemar Jansson, ‘one time, one more time’. If the Brisbane show tonight wasn’t already sold out I’d go back for one more time; there is nothing like the vibe of a room full of punk rock fans getting loose.

In short, Vinnies, No Fun At All and the support bands provided a good old-fashioned, in-your-face punk experience. One punter, in the 98 Mute shirt, epitomised the night; stumbling out of the pit bleary eyed and wrecked only to immediately turn around and go back in as the next song started; drawn by the irresistible good times. Two bloody, black-nailed thumbs up.

IMAGES (c) Leisure Lane Photography

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