No Mono: Live gallery and review | The Tivoli | Wednesday 18 September 2019

Last night’s show marked the duo’s last appearance as No Mono.  Since the beginning of their musical project, this was always meant to be a temporary interlude. The Tivoli was transformed into a new intimate space, where everyone was encouraged “to move around and explore”.  The duo opened their last night’s show with songs ‘Keep On’, ‘Violence Broken’ and ‘Otherside’ from their first record ‘Island Part 1’ and they are still as hauntingly beautiful as the first listen.

Although the future may have been settled, I’m sure many others hope for another round of No Mono sometime in the near future. Their debut album is still one of the most beautiful, poignant records of recent times.

This musical project has brilliantly showcased their magnitude talents, both as songwriters and performing artists. Tom’s fragile vocal, melodic sensibilities and dance movements separate their live performance to what is often seen compared to their contemporary peers.  It elevates the live show into a level of unfamiliarity that is both pleasing and exciting.

‘Island Part 2’ tracks such as ‘Black Light’ and ‘Blood Red’ were a fitting performance for the innovative ethos of Brisbane Festival.

Together, the two Toms, Tom Snowden and Tom Iansek, provide a modicum of what we may see in future artist collaborations.  We will see more artists from different space and world clashing and contradicting one another, but will result in a beautiful collage and inspiring creative expressions.

Their ‘Island’ project has been a complete piece of work.

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