Nobbys Originals calls it quits

LOCAL weekly music event Nobbys Originals held at Little Beans on Thursday nights has thrown in the towel.

Nobbys Originals focused on local original musicians and, running through the quiet period of winter, saw over 100 musicians play to local punters.

Event organiser and musician Evan Manttari started the event over three venues in Nobbys Beach – The Cave, Little Beans and Nobbys Arc, with the intention of reducing competition between each venue and to bring the focus back to the musicians playing.

“It’s an opportunity for musicians just starting out to play somewhere for a crowd and be on the same bill as some well known Gold Coast musicians, and get paid a small amount,” Mr Manttari said.

There is a demand for more original music on the Gold Coast and Nobbys Originals acted as a stepping-stone for musicians, like local singer-song writer Dion Taylor, to build confidence and prepare them to play reputation based gigs.

“I think you’d have a larger group of original artists coming out of the area, for sure. That’s definitely what it has done as well, its made a larger group from this area more confident and the more confidence they have the more push they’re going to have to want to record or travel or learn more … play more,” Mr Taylor said.

Photographer Christie Ots attended many of the Nobbys Originals events and says it will be missed by the community.

“I think 100% the Gold Coast is missing out on the arts it could have. It’s a community that promotes creativity and for a place like that, we’re sorely lacking in platforms and I think it’s a crying shame that Nobbys Orginals has had to call it quits,” Ms Ots said.

Regular patrons are disappointed that the event has called it quits and are speculating whether it will start up somewhere else.

“I’d love to see a ‘Mermaid Originals’ or a ‘Palm Beach Originals’ or a ‘Miami Originals’,” she said.

Although Mr Manttari could not confirm anything for in the future, he was adamant that this was not the end of events like Nobbys Originals on the Gold Coast.

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