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Brass infused band Cheap Fakes are fun, vibrant, slick and smooth. Bringing a unique blend of pop funk, ska-sounding reggae and funk influenced tunes they have songs to suit everyone’s palette.

Emma Ballard caught up with Hayden Andrews from Cheap Fakes to talk about their upcoming gigs and new album Modern Vintage.
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How did Cheap Fakes get together?

Six years ago I had an album of songs and wanted a good band to play it live. I met Scotty on horns and Josh and after that the rest of the band fell into place.


Where are you at right now as a band?

We’re on the cusp of releasing a new album due to be released in October and our single Baby It’s A Good Song has just come out. We’re playing festivals and touring later in the year to launch our album Modern Vintage.


As a six-piece band, is it a mission to get band members together for a jam?

Sometimes it is, but everyone has a common goal so it’s not that much of a mission. We’re all really good friends and enjoy it.


As the main song writer, where do you get your song writing inspiration?

Life, family, art and generally what goes on around me. I would say 50% is life experience and 50% is imagination.


With many elements to your songs they must take a long time to write. How does the songwriting process work for you guys? 

I write the story and put down a basic idea and a simple structure. Then I bring it to rehearsal, show the boys and it takes shape as they all bring all their parts to it.


I watched the making of Modern Vintage on YouTube. What was it like working with world class producer John Merchant?

He’s an absolute genius. He got the best out of the band and he’s such a nice guy. His knowledge and experience is impressive. He got the best sound for us. The way he looked at our songs and crafted them was amazing.


Your energetic catchy songs get everyone grooving you obviously have a lot of fun on stage.

It has to be about fun and not about money. It’s all about having fun with your mates and we have a good time.


Your songs are all different. Waiting For You has a reggae vibe and there is a Ska funk sound and pop hooks galore on songs like Sand On The Beach, All I know and Just In Case. What is the main influence?

It swings. We bring in all the influences. We never wanted to play music in a traditional style but create our own sound. Sticking to one style is boring, we keep it interesting for ourselves so we stay interested and keep our audience interested.


I noticed some snazzy choreography. Did you steal those moves from British band Madness?

It just happens. I’m not even sure what we do to be honest! We didn’t steal the moves from the Backstreet Boys or Madness or anyone else I swear!

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You can catch Cheap Fakes along with a great line up of live entertainment at A La Carte in the Park in Surfers Paradise on Sunday 9 August at 1.30pm. And you can follow the band on their website or FB page.

Watch: Baby it’s a good song

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