Off the record: From Crisis to Collapse

This month, Prudence from Off The Record chatted with Ian Konrad, guitarist from the local metal band, ‘From Crisis to Collapse’. In between writing new material and gearing up for the ‘Dead of Winter’ Festival in  July,  Ian finds inspiration in books for the band’s lyrics and like yours truly, loves an uneasy read.

Could you start off by telling me a little bit about your music and any new music/tours you are currently working on/about to release?

Our music is an amalgamation of many underground genres. It contains elements of death metal, thrash metal, hardcore and hardcore punk amongst others but we generally boil it down to “Extreme Metal”.

In February 2019 we released our debut EP ‘The Seventh Tree’. It contains music that we have honed since 2015 and represents us collectively, musically and conceptually. Lyrically, themes cover the personal, political and metaphysical with a lot of room for interpretation.

We finished an Australian tour with Superheats and 36 Crazyfists in April and are playing the Dead of Winter festival in July and supporting Soilwork in October. We also have some other tour and show plans in the works. Additionally, we are working on new music and currently have about 7 new tracks in advanced demo form that we hope to record late 2019/early 2020.

Are you reading anything at the moment? Tell me a little bit about it.

I have just finished Selection Day  by Aravind Adiga and The Blade Artist by Irvine Welsh. Although very different books, both tackle issues of forging identity (new or re-imagined) while confronting expectation, tradition and status.

Any books that have influenced your music or your life in some way? How so?

I enjoy authors (and art generally) that does not wallow in the sentimental. This is a hard thing for me to articulate but there is a vibe I get from certain books or authors that makes me uneasy and yet intrigued that I find stimulating.

As for influencing me musically, I can say that I get inspiration for song names or lyrical phrases from books all the time (although I am not the lyricist). In fact, our band name From Crisis To Collapse came from a book I read (Sorry, but I actually cannot recall the name of the book!) I often try and keep a note of these phrases to help Angus with lyrics and song names.

Favourite authors/genres? 

I love fiction, in particular authors like Christos Tsiolkas, Aravind Adiga, Andrew Mc Gahan, Irvine Welsh and Indra Sinha.

What makes you pick up a book? (cover or word of mouth)

Definitely word of mouth, book reviews and author reputation.

If I came over to your place, what books would I find on your coffee/bedside table? ALDI catalogue or Proust or…?

A lot of Irvine Welsh, some Charles Bukowski, Kate Grenville, John Birmingham, Christos Tsiolkas.

A world without books and music would be….

A world I would be loathe to inhabit.


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