Off the Record with Kingswood

This week, Prudence from Off the Record was lucky enough to hear from the lovely Fergus Lincare, lead vocalist of Kingswood, who have recently released their latest studio album, ‘Juveniles’.

Despite the title, the new album from the Melbourne group is anything but juvenile in its creation and delivery. Harnessing the raucous and wild energy of previous releases and marrying it with a honed and refined sense of musicianship and direction, this is one of their strongest albums yet.

Unlike most of us, Fergus has been keeping super busy in isolation – doing everything from motorbiking, to live streaming, to baking, to channelling Neil Young. Is there anything this man can’t do?

Most people have a little more time on their hands of late, so how have you been keeping busy? 

I am lucky in that I find it easy to amuse myself, I’m quite content hanging out in my own head, it’s quite fun up there. I’ve been playing a lot of guitar, just sitting on the couch and playing Neil Young songs for an hour, then some Roy Orbison, and  so on. I got my motorbike running and sprayed it matte black like Ryan Gosling did in ‘A Place Beyond The Pines’. I’ve been exercising, and then to combat that I’ve been baking, I baked a carrot cake that I think was quite excellent. I’ve been catching up on the films I have missed in the  last year or so, I only just saw ‘Parasite’ and I think its fucking incredible. But I do miss cocktails, hugs, strangers and table service.  

 Are you working on any new material that listeners can look forward to hearing in the near future?

Always, although Alex (guitarist) and I recently discussed a realisation that we are constantly inspired by the  world around us and day to day interactions, conversations and observations, we have no interest in writing about being isolated, I’m sure there will be plenty of that, but if the inspiration is not coming to you you can always go looking for it. Before ‘Juveniles’ came out we had already started the fourth album and so I don’t think it will be long before we have some new music out. 

Are you reading any good books or listening to any new music at the moment that you can recommend to our readers? 

I am amidst a Neil Young-athon, I would suggest you activate your best speakers or headphones, and listen to the album ‘Harvest Moon’, there is not a bad song on it. If I die young, play ‘One Of These Days’ at my funeral please. I think this is a good opportunity for people to listen to music the way many intend, with heightened focus, not in the  background accompanying an activity, we are all so busy it is hard to sit and listen to music and give it the same focus as you would a film.  

Whats your take on live streaming music performances? Is it something you have considered/done? If you have done a live stream performance, how did it go? 

I don’t mind it at all, it’s nice to feel connected to music and artists and I enjoy being taken into peoples homes and  listening to them as if you are on the couch across from them. We have done a few and although it’s hard to not feel the energy of an audience it’s nice to know we are entertaining some people and  bringing them a little joy. We also filmed our set that we were to play on tour, and have been releasing a few songs each week so those who won’t get to see us play a proper live show can at least watch and hear us perform some new songs, and a few favs of course.

Once this shit storm passes, how do you think the world is going to look?

I think it will get back to normal, not sure how long it will take but humans are pretty resilient. We may come away with a better approach towards hygiene and hopefully we feel a little more connected to the rest of the world, we are all in this together. I’m hoping there will be a boom for our industry, when we are released I think everyone will be aching to get out and see live music like never before, I think it will be a wild time and I can’t wait to be right in the middle.

‘Juveniles’ is out now via all the usual channels.

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