Oh Mickey

Mickey is a Brisbane-based pop rock musician blending catchy vocals and an eccentric interweaving of orchestration and harmonies. His first major single Clever Clones produced, mixed and mastered by Guy Cooper at Serotonin Productions is due for release 5 May so it was timely to find out more about the troubadour.

Clever Clones is a catchy, but quite unique pop song. Can you tell me what brought you to this point and to this song?

I can’t help but love a catchy song. Having a tune stuck in my head all day completely envelopes me, and its the reason I began writing songs. When I find a melody that I can’t help but come back to, it feels like magic and I am completely addicted to that. Both in writing and in listening its what I always search for.

In saying that, I love to simply be myself. Music is a major passion in my life and the songs are an extension of my personality. I believe that each of us has incredibly unique aspects to our personalities, and through music I have found a way to unashamedly express myself. I think the combination between a love for catchy pop music and the determination to stay honest to who I am has brought me to this point and song.

What was it like working with Guy Cooper?

Guy Cooper is an absolute legend and he is also an onion. What I mean is that he has many layers that make up who he is. There isn’t much he cannot do and he has been instrumental in getting Clever Clones finished. I could make a list of all the things he has helped me with but I can simplify it by saying EVERYTHING.

He has a fantastic approach that allows your music to be whatever you want it to be. One of the most important things for getting Clever Clones together was pre-production. Guy allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them but has always been an anchor in the fundamentals that make Clever Clones sound the way I wanted. Basically Guy keeps the ship steady while I run around aimlessly cleaning and resurfacing the deck.

Have you had any formal music training?

I have always been fairly informal in my approach to music. I studied for a short period of time at university but left to focus on building my act and performing. I find that the most unique aspects to my music come from my mistakes and I try to learn what I need to along the way. My approach to formal training is like reading a training manual, but only the sections that you need at the time you need. For me, there is more excitement in having no idea what I am doing, but if it sounds good I will keep doing it!

You’ve got a couple of live shows to launch Clever Clones. What’s on the horizon for you after that?

I have put together a three piece band for the tour to release Clever Clones which will be incredible fun.

After that I will be working towards the next single with Guy Cooper getting it tracked, mixed and mastered for release in September which will be supported by a tour.

Why should people listen to your music?

I can tell you about people that shouldn’t listen to my music. They are people who don’t like to have fun, don’t want to be excited and don’t like honesty. If you happen to be like that, then you probably shouldn’t listen to Clever Clones. I only ever want people and myself to enjoy my music, I will always work to create something new and exciting, and most importantly I will always be honest with what I create. Its something I feel is often missed in simple, catchy pop music and its something I want to create and share.

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Clever Clones is out 19 May. Check mickeytheband.com. Or catch him on tour. 6 May at Ric’s Bar, 26 May at Currumbin Pub and 27 May at Bloodhound Bar (Brisbane).



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