ON THE EDITOR’S DESK: We review new Yates Garden Guide

This new edition of the Yates Garden Guide says it’s been revised for the modern Australian gardener and that description is right on the money. And flicking through this comprehensive guide leaves no wonder as to how it’s become Australia’s best selling gardening bible.

With a history of Australian gardening opening the first chapter, the book covers topics as broad as solving problems with carrots, how to compost, chooks in the garden, growing in pots, grafting, soil health, keeping weeds out of bushland and community gardening.

The guide uses plain English to cater for gardeners whether novice or experienced. It details more than a thousand plant species and has an incredibly comprehensive guide to growing for the kitchen – with common fruits, vegetables and herbs covered, as well as a section on permaculture principles.

The 500-page book is packed with images and short, sharp tips from some of Australia’s leading gardening experts, which means you can either flick through this book over a cup of tea while ogling someone else’s hard work, or use it as a handy reference when you just want to know what variety of tomato to grow on your balcony.

I’m thrilled I picked this book up, actually. You can access all manner of gardening advice online, but if you like the tactile feel of flicking through pages while planning your new garden or working out what fruit trees to plant in winter, this is most definitely the book for you. But for now, I’m off to water the garden – this book will even help you do that more efficiently.

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Published in September 2015, by Harper Collins, the book retails for $39.99.




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