ON THE SLY with Kaytranada

Q and A with beat maker and Montreal native Kaytranada


BGC: You’ll be down here as part of the Future Music Festival, is there anyone on the bill you’re keen to see as fan?

Kay: I’m looking forward to seeing like Brodinski he’s a homie and all that, but there’s plenty of artists I want to see, I’m really looking forward to that festival.

BGC: Are you going to sneak out for some club shows while you’re down here?

Kay: I mean probably but I’m not sure yet, I’ll be doing some New Zealand club shows at this stage.

BGC: Your debut on the Huh, What and Where Label (HW&W)’Kaytra Todo’, dropped last

year, that’s been doing really well, how did you start working with those guys?

KAY: Those guys are my brothers like, the HW&W people, like contacting me back in um 2011, I was just like making beats and hip hop but it (the label) used to be more about beat heads but now it’s more versatile.  Like BAHWEE, who is one of the A&R’s he’s like one of my brothers, I’m really tight with him.

BGC: Right on, so you just dropped the new single ‘At All’, a couple of months back, is that a little taste of what’s we can expect from Kaytranada in 2014?

Kay: Yeah, yeah I’ve got like this tape with my little brother whose an MC and I make all the beats and we’re called The Celestics, I mean you can check out our song ‘Charles Barkley’ on my Soundcloud. Then I’m working on my own album, myself, that’s going to be out this year.

BGC: There seems to be a spotlight right now, internationally at least, on the North American scene particularly on the west coast of Canada, with cats like Lunice and Ryan Hemsworth going big. Is there much of feeling of that on the ground or are you guys just going about your business and making music?

Kay: I mean the vibe is like crazy over here, there’s the same vibe in America and like Canada. I’m happy for Montreal to have their own scene now, there’s a bunch of young producers which are now blowing up, it’s a pretty cool vibe you know? You could say in Australia it’s a different vibe, it’s like more crazier down there.

BGC: (laughs) We try our best.

Kay: Oh please, oh please (laughs)

BGC: So do you approach a Festival set any differently to a club show?

Kay: I mean I’m going to try and do something different for 2014, my sets weren’t that much different from every tour I did, my US tour and my Australian tour weren’t that different but I think for like 2014 I’m going to try a bunch of different stuff, still going to keep the party rockin’ you know though, no matter what.

BGC: Is the live scene a good place to test our some new beats and sounds that you’re working on?

Kay: I mean yeah, I’m working on plenty of original songs, beats and instrumentals but I’ve got a bunch of collaborations. I’ve been working with Vic Mensa and a singer named Riva DeVito those are going to be some amazing songs coming out soon. Like you guys are not ready, you guys are not ready.

BGC: (laughs) Alright you’ve heard it here first we’re in for something special, we’ll try and get ready. Down here we’re still catching up to ‘At All’ but we’ve been diggin’ that sound.

Kay: Thank you, thank you

BGC: Alright Thanks so much for taking the time out, I know you’ve got a busy schedule. We really look forward to having you down under again.

Kay: I’m looking forward to it to man.



Future Music Festival descends on the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane on 1 March. Kaytranada appears alongside Pharrell Williams, Deadmou5 and a whole heap of artists to keep your eyes poppin’ and your heart racin’ as we farewell summer and welcome autumn.

The single At All is available now through Huh, What and Where.

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