One step closer to gender pay equality. At least when it comes to beer!

House of Brews is doing something to address the gender pay gap. At a very personal level.

The new Surfers Paradise taphouse and dining outlet has launched Gender Pay Gap Tuesdays – an initiative addressing inequality in Australia one beer at a time.

Women in Australia only earn 82% of the income of men so House of Brews is giving ladies a discount so that they only pay 82% of their bill.

Damien Kanaghines is co-owner of the venue. He said House of Brews had become a popular destination for groups of young women since its opening in August and that they were drawn to the safe environment offered by the Orchid Avenue hotspot, as well as its comfortable interior and friendly vibe.

“We have always been surrounded by strong women. We have a strong female presence in our business and many women managers,” he said, adding that the idea was something they just put together. “It’s not an idea we got from anywhere else.”

“The gender pay gap is an issue that we have to address. It has not been a strong focus in government policy,” Damien told Blank. “We realise that as a bar restaurant, we cannot change the issue, but what we can do is bring attention to it and start a discussion.

Damien said House of Brews was proud to be part of the changing image of Surfers Paradise.

“Girls feel safe here. Ten years ago this was a war zone but it’s not any more. We haven’t seen any fights or aggression. There are cameras everywhere,” he said. “There’s a real renaissance going on. A lot of people our age have travelled the world and come back here to start businesses.”

The three Kanaghines brothers have owned large bars in Bucharest, Romania, Budapest and Cyprus before coming back to the Gold Coast in 2002, opening Nonna’s in Harbourtown in 2005.

This strong social justice message isn’t one completely foreigh to the Kanaghines. At Nonna’s they give away 100 meals for Rosies to distribute to homeless people every week.

“We believe in giving back. When you are in business, you realise that you’re not infallible. You can have a measure of success, but you also have the knockbacks and failures. You learn to be humble. To have a measure of success, you learn to have a fair bit of gratitude,” he said.


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True to form then, women aren’t the only beneficiaries of House of Brews’ social awareness. The company has chosen 4ASD Kids as a focus charity.

“It’s an autism charity started by Matt Rogers,” Damien said. “Personally, I have a daughter with speech and language difficulties, and I understand how difficult it would be to deal with those issues if you didn’t have the financial resources to deal with it.”

“We’ll have a Karma Keg here, and the profits will go to that charity. It’s a way of doing something for others and having fun at the same time!”

And while you’re waiting for that Karma Keg, get along on a Tuesday night between 5.00 – 10.00pm for the Gender Pay Gap discount and be on the lookout for live music, with rock and solo blues artists playing regularly during the week.

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