One year in print: Blank GC turns one

Most of our readers know by now, Blank is a very small, grassroots operation, owned by two Gold Coast ladies who have set out to unearth and celebrate all that is special about the GC.

And right now we’re celebrating the most wonderful milestone – the first anniversary of going to print.

It’s been a big year of learning for us. When we started Blank we had no idea about the music industry or about publishing. When we asked for our first interview and the publicist came back to us and asked what kind of interview we wanted to do we had to research what kind of interviews were possible. Whoops.

But, as with any new venture that’s built on passion and people, we learned on our feet, got the magazine off the ground and are still working hard to make sure we build a sustainable community of creative people here on the coast.

There’s a few things we’d like to share that show our growth and demonstrate the level of support we’ve had from people like you:

  • We’re distributing more than 5000 copies of the magazine across nearly 250 outlets throughout the GC and northern NSW.
  • We have more than 50 writers and photographers who have contributed their time to creating real content and unearthing cool things happening here and further afield.
  • We’ve moved into awesome offices in Miami which offer a space for our writers and other people involved in GC culture to come together.
  • We’ve interviewed hundreds of local bands, artists, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, promoters, designers and cultural change agents across the Gold Coast.
  • We’ve grown our online community to 100,000 visitors to our website since launching.
  • We’ve had 6000 people look at our online gig guide in the past year. That’s 6000 people looking for live music offerings.


Of course, Blank is a team effort. Getting something like Blank off the ground takes the skills, time, passion and creativity of a massive group of people, some of them who work very hard behind the scene for very little measurable reward. And in fact, the only person who gets paid right now is our advertising guru.

So, to our management team who work their butts off to bring you each edition: Amanda Gorman, Mella Bunker and Phillippa Wright, we offer our unending gratitude. We’d like to offer thanks especially to the growing team of writers and photographers who craft our content and without fail send us awesome stories every single month. We’d like to acknowledge the enormous list of people who gave cold hard cash to our crowdfunding appeal in 2013 which raised $10,000 to get us off the ground. And we’d like to send heartfelt love to all of you, our readers for sharing our vision for an awesome Gold Coast.

We are, your most humble servants.

_ _ _ _

Chloe Popa – owner and designer

Samantha Morris – owner and editor




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