Osaka Punch above their weight

Brisbane-based five piece Osaka Punch certainly pull no punches when it comes to their music, particularly their live shows. Bordering on virtuosic and with high-energy performances, critics have drawn comparisons to Frank Zappa and Mr Bungle. And if that’s not enough to make you want to see them live you need to step away from this story and have emergency ear-replacement surgery.

With new single Stonk as the catalyst, Osaka Punch are hitting the road for an east coast tour and first stop is Gold Coast. Chrispy (guitar) caught up with Samantha Morris ahead of their 25 February show at Studio 56.

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Osaka Punch have been compared to a lot of things, but top of the list in terms of impressive comparisons is Frank Zappa and Mr Bungle. So perhaps not surprisingly, Chrispy says both those artists had a role in his musical upbringing.

“I think we all cut our teeth on Faith No More which by default led to Mr Bungle. The first Bungle album blew us all away. Disco Volante  is a masterpiece and California seals the deal,” Chrispy said. “We’re all big fans of anything Mike Patton and I personally love Zappa. I is a killer album and his live stuff from A Token of His Extreme is something I could never get sick of.”
People like Clint Boge (The Butterfly Effect) and Luke Gower (Cog) have said rad things about Osaka Punch. Chrispy says it’s pretty special to get that kind of acknowledgement from bands of that caliber.

“We supported COG in Sydney for one of their last shows before they split and I think they really enjoyed how different we are and the energy we put into the live show,” he said.

“Clint Boge is just a downright nice guy and we got chatting to him after opening for his band Thousand Needles in Red a few years back.”

From Zappa to Cog, it’s no wonder it’s hard to pigeonhole Osaka Punch when it comes to genre. Chrispy probably does it best himself.
“Zappa meets Faith No More, cooked in a James Brown soup,” he said. “We like to refer to our music as brutal pop.”

“We have smooth pop melodies with big riffs and dank heavy grooves.
“We’ve played a few times on the Gold Coast over the years, do you remember The Chop House?” he asked. Ummm yes, I remember the Chop House. Barely.

“That place was awesome!”

“We played at the Miami Shark bar with Twelve Foot Ninja in 2012 also.”

“We played the Cooly a few years back, a night when Jack our singer jumped off the stage to run around in the crowd and nearly broke his ankle when he hit the deck!”

And his favourite GC band then, seeing he has so many tales of long nights (and even longer mornings)?

“Helm,” he said. “Sadly they called it a day not too long ago.”

So, with a long string of great Gold Coast music venues to their name, it’s time to add one more. Osaka Punch will bring their incredible live performance to Studio 56, Thursday 25 February. In the meantime you can check out single Stonk via Birdsrobe Records.
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