Our Top Picks for the GCFF 2016

So, you’ve heard the Gold Coast Film Festival has come around again and you thought you might catch one of their movies. Great. So you go to gcfilmfestival.com, download the program, and then… ummm…. well… that’s where I get a bit lost.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a big supporter of GCFF and have seen many a great movie there. But there is soooo much on; movies, film industry events, school screenings, free family flicks, lunches, dinners. It seems if you just want to watch a couple of interesting movies, the massive program might be a bit daunting.

Assuming you work nine-to-five, Monday to Friday, here are some of our top picks:

First up, there are the ‘Big Four’ – these are the evening movies, all at The Arts Centre Gold Coast, on the Friday and Saturday nights during the program.

Friday 1 April, 6.00 pm sees the screening of Broke, a great Aussie movie where an ex-rugby league player struggles with ‘redemption, hope and determination’. How could you not love this?

Saturday 2 April, 8.15pm brings us Mr Right, a hilarious comedy where a kick-ass-assassin falls in love with the girl-next-door and together they take out the bad guys. One not to be missed.

On Friday 8 April, 6.00 pm you can catch Girl Asleep described in the brochure as a ‘quirky, surreal, coming-of-age movie’. If that doesn’t get you in, then nothing will. Also catch this on Sunday 10th 1pm at BCC Coolie.

Finally on Saturday 9 April, 8.30 pm, there is The Legend of Barney Thomson, a Scottish comedy starring Robert Carlyle as a socially awkward barber who accidentally kills his boss and gets confused for a serial killer. I like it already. (You can also catch this at BCC Coolangatta on Saturday 2 April at 7.00pm)

The other big movie of the festival is Eddie the Eagle. Two words. Hugh Jackman. If you miss the opening night screening at The Arts Centre Gold Coast (31 March), you can head down to BCC Cinemas at Coolangatta on Sunday 3 April 3.00pm to catch it there.

For those who don’t work nine-to-five,nthere are plenty of alternative options:

First up, try Victoria – ‘gritty, tense, gripping’ – where a naive thrill-seeker becomes getaway driver for a gang with disastrous consequences. Tuesday 5 April 6.30pm at The Arts Centre.

Next, there’s Scare Campaign. Good old-fashioned horror. If you like blood and gore, this is for you. I got scared just watching the trailer. April Fool’s Day seems an apt time for it to screen. Friday 1 April, 8.45pm at The Arts Centre.

If you like Aussie action flicks, then The Hunters Club – filmed on the Gold Coast – is for you. Two ex-army buddies take on a mysterious band of assassins with lots of guns, knives, martial arts, and …skate boards. Definitely one to catch. Monday 4 April 6.30pm at Event Cinemas, Australia Fair.

For something a little more off-beat, catch Her Composition – a struggling music student becomes a call-girl to find inspiration for her work. Wednesday 6 April, 7.30pm at The Arts Centre.

If that’s a bit too serious, you might want to catch the animation, April and the Extraordinary World: a story set in an alternate future where a little girl searches for her scientist parents. Thursday 7 April 10.00am and Saturday 9 April at 12.30 pm, both at The Arts Centre.

Had enough yet? No? Then try Drama, a romantic comedy set in Paris with a not-so-perfect ending. Saturday 9 April 3.00pm at The Arts Centre.

Still not satisfied? Lots of free family movies and a whole lot of other stuff. Head to the website and check it out. Catch ya at the movies.

Gold Coast Film Festival runs 31 March -10 April

PHOTO from Eddie The Eagle

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