Shining a Light on Outshined

The early 90’s alternative/grunge explosion was one of the most seismic shifts in the trajectory of modern music since the heady days of late 70’s punk. With Nirvana and their stratospheric record, ‘Nevermind’ as the conduit, the sound of the underground arose to take its place in mass musical consciousness. With Cobain, Grohl and Novoselic kicking down the walls, a host of formerly underground acts of a similar mindset barged on through to claim their stake in the spotlight and become household names; Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple Of The Dog… the list goes on.

The influence of the aforementioned acts still reverberates in the hearts and minds of discerning music listeners to this day. Enter, Outshined: The Australian 90’s Grunge Tribute Show.

Outshined are a bunch of local, seasoned musical pros whose manifesto is to deliver the ultimate homage to the 90’s alternative/grunge era. While you can expect to hear the most anthemic belters from the era, (think the cream of the crop from ‘Nevermind’, ‘Ten’, ‘Superunknown’, ‘Dirt’, ‘Core’ and a whole stack more), the Outshined lads have a very deep set list indeed, so no two shows are ever the same across the 2+ hours that the band are onstage delivering their all.

There’s no flashy dress ups or needless showboating either, which again remains faithful to the original ethos of the movement. At the same time, don’t expect the guys to be exclusively donned in flannel and ripped jeans – a look that ended up being hijacked by marketers once the original scene began to flourish. Do expect though, to hear a broad and diverse range of tunes from the aforementioned seminal acts, delivered with passion, conviction and serious musical chops. No gimmicks – just great music, brought to screaming life with the highest of sound, lighting and production values. With Outshined, it truly is ‘all about the music’..

The project consists of; Matthew Boland (vocals), Matt Rowe, (guitars), Anthony Blazley (guitars), Mike Edwards (bass and vocals) and Josh Paish (drums). Anthony Blazley will be taking a break from the project for the rest of the year due to his busy schedule, with Rick Hollis coming on board on guitar for the remainder of the year.

The guys have been mates and musical comrades for decades, gigging relentlessly across local and national stages as part of original acts such as Rollerball, Nemesis, Beast Machine, Dead Star Renegade and the Casey Barnes Band.

Team Outshined actually workshopped the genesis of the concept way back in 2005, prior to getting serious about it in 2015. Bassist Mike Edwards described it as “an opportunity to jam/play thru the songs we loved from the bands and albums we grew up listening to, to alleviate the boredom associated with playing standard covers every other weekend on the Gold Coast.”

Eighteen months of pre-production led to the very first, triumphant Outshined performance, in June 2017. Things have moved rapidly since then, with the guys blown away by the response, both locally and interstate. As well as a bunch of upcoming local dates, the guys have been getting some serious interest from other capital city promoters throughout Australia, with opportunities to take Outshined on the road nationally in 2019 beckoning enticingly.

With a diverse range of tracks regularly rotated (Alice In Chains: ‘Them Bones’, and Soundgarden: ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ are just a few of the choice numbers the guys have been busy rehearsing lately), be sure to get along and check out this entertaining and unique tribute to the gods of grunge, when they play the following dates:

Friday 12 October – The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay

Friday 1 December – The Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast

IMAGE (c) Lamp Photography

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