Parkway Drive bring ‘Horizons’ tour around Australia

Prepare for epic circle pits, sore throats, mystery bruises and ready those neck muscles, because Parkway Drive is celebrating their iconic album ‘Horizons’ early next year with one hell of a national tour. To wait 10 years for the perfect tour, is not an easy feat, but our favourite sons from just over the border have managed to keep themselves busy for that period.

In 2007, Byron Bay lads Parkway Drive set the metal world on fire with their release ‘Horizons’, reshaping modern heavy metal as we all know it. They brought a new sound to the genre, epic breakdowns, crushing drum work and one of the most distinguishable voices of the past two decades to awaken our senses. Parkway showed the world what us Aussies had to offer the musical world and have been destroying stages ever since.

Three albums and countless shows later, the boys are returning home to give us the tour we’ve all been waiting for. With Brisbane’s Tivoli theatre on the cards, the lads are sure to deliver some of their most energetic shows of their career as they take the ‘A Decade of Horizons’ tour to the masses.

Joining the Byron locals are Sydneysiders, Polaris. The metalcore youngsters are eager to get out on this tour to show us all what it takes to support the godfathers of Aussie metal.

Parkway Drive play The Tivoli on 13 January. Tickets available through Ticketmaster.

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