GCMA after-party bound: Hanging Five With Peach Fur

Eclectic alternative rockers Peach Fur are part of the epic line-up of local live music that will be featuring at the Gold Coast Music Awards after-party.

The four piece have been steadily building their profile, and will no doubt turn heads and move feet in equal measure when they bust loose on the night of 3 May at the Surfers Paradise Tavern and Beergarden.

In the lead up, we asked the lads to ‘Hang Five’ with us. Here’s what they came up with.

Do you feel part of a ‘scene’ here on the Gold Coast when it comes to original music? And where can we typically catch you when you guys gig?

Yeah definitely, although the scene may not be as big as some of the other bigger cities. There’s heaps of brilliant bands that have come out of the Gold Coast over these past few years and we’re constantly seeing new talent arise. It feels like it’s expanding, which is really great to see. You’ll most likely catch us play at our home away from home, the Miami Shark Bar; our love, our bountiful lover, our favourite sticky floored watering hole xoxo

You received a great response to your previous EP, ‘Pleasure and Necessities’. And you’re about to drop a new EP, ‘Doreen Drive’. Can you tell us a bit about its genesis? 

We’ve been so stoked with the response to our first release! We really couldn’t believe it, still can’t. The 7 songs from our upcoming new EP, ‘Doreen Drive’ are the combination of tracks that we had written in the period after our last single release, ‘Rough As Guts’, in November 2016 to when we were in the studio recording ‘Doreen Drive’ in June 2017. It’s been quite a long writing process for the new EP, which has given us more time to develop our song writing and sound. I was 16 when we recorded ‘Pleasures and Necessities’, so as I have grown up over these past few years it has seeped through my musicality, resulting in the band finding more of our own sound. 

What sort of style/vibe we can expect from the new EP when compared to your previous stuff? 

We feel that ‘Doreen Drive’ is more like a mixtape in comparison to ‘Pleasures and Necessities’, where the songs were quite similar and had the same vibe. This new EP takes many different directions, with a plethora of different flavours, from a bit of blues to punk rock, to laid-back pop and alternative rock. It will hopefully accommodate listeners who love all different styles of the universal language we call Music!

Have you got some upcoming tour dates lined up yet to support the upcoming release?

We are currently in the process of locking in the rest of the shows for our East Coast tour, which will begin with our launch party at the Miami Shark Bar on the June 16 with our good mates Stingin’ Rogers, LENS & UltraViolet Fuzz. Plus we have heaps more other exciting shows to announce in the not too distant future!

Where do you guys see yourselves over the next few years, musically speaking?

Hopefully starting to travel the globe and do what we love most, creating music together and spreading the good vibes on and off stage. We plan to continue forever expanding our repertoire will all different styles and themes/concepts, based on what we experience and feel in our lives. So who knows what sort of music we could be making in a few years’ time – we could be dabbling in Indian folk for all we know!

Check out ‘Rough as Guts’ below:

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