Perch Creek at Marketta as part of national tour

Perch Creek Family Jug Band thought five nouns was too many. Plus the whole ‘jug’ thing didn’t really fit anymore. So they changed their name.

Now, on the back of a huge thirty-date European, UK and Canadian tour including performances at Womad (UK) Edinburgh Fringe and tonnes of other festivals, they’re on home soil and about to hit the Gold Coast.

Their latest album release, 2014’s Jumping On The Highwire has received glowing accolades and was recently nominated for Best Independent Country Album in the Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards.

We took a moment to catch up with Camilla Hodgkins, the eldest of the siblings and wielder of banjo, melodica and keys.

You were last on the GC a year ago, what have you been up to between now and then? 

We’ve been super busy releasing a new album, touring Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, the UK and Canada as well as doing some non-band traveling before touring Australia all over again this month!

You guys have said before that your father, Bob, influenced your music – particularly as a result of his record collection. Tell us about a few of the records you remember most vividly from your childhood?

The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour stands out as the most memorable one. That artwork is wild, and Strawberry Fields was my favourite song. Also Donovan’s Cosmic Wheels, and a Steve Martin comedy album, Let’s Get Small that Dad would whip out whenever his friends came round. We have just released our current album, Jumping On The Highwire on vinyl, it’s funny seeing all of these artistic and musical influences come out in our own record. I never would have imagined as a ten year old having my own band release a psychedelic gatefold 12-inch record!

What’s the response to that new album been like and has it met your expectations?

We think it’s great and we are happy to say that people love it.

In our last interview with you guys you said the new album would be less country, but it’s just been nominated for best independent country album in the Independent Music Awards. Please explain? 

While there is a lot less country stuff on it than our previous release, there are still a couple of token rip-roaringly country tracks. We don’t really fit into any genre category particularly well, but independent country still fits better than hip-hop, I guess.

You guys work hard. A national tour last year, then a heap of dates in UK and Canada and now another national tour. Have you had any down time? What is down time for you guys? 

It’s true, we’ve been going non-stop for two years really, but next year will be a quiet heads-down year for us, with minimal touring but a lot of time dedicated to working on material for a new album and live show. I hope our booking agent is reading this!

You’ve played the electric saw and the electric jug. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen someone else play?

In South Africa James and I saw a guy playing guitar with a spoon in his mouth – he was using both hands to play the guitar chords, while the melodies were made by using the spoon as a slide, waggling his head for a sweet vibrato.

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Perch Creek + Freedom
Sunday 19 October, doors 4.00pm
Miami Marketta, all ages



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