Perennial Vera Blue

The friendly and happy voice on the other end of the line gives no hint of the stunning range and depth of Vera Blue (aka Celia Pavey). Her new album, ‘Perennial’ is raw and deeply vulnerable, delivered with incredible vocals and beautiful production.

Celia Pavey placed third on The Voice in 2013, performing as the folk artist she was at the time. Since then she has discovered and fallen in love with electronic music and Vera Blue is the stunning result and she generously allowed us to dig beneath the surface to find out more.

Did you change your name to Vera Blue so you could be more experimental?

After The Voice, I was given time to find myself musically. I had a few writing sessions and I was put in a session with Andy (producer). I told him I write folk music and I’ve discovered electronic music and I really really love it and I’d love to blend the two. Andy was so cool and we finished the song, ‘Fingertips’, and we’ve been working together since. I kind of see me, Andy, Thom, and Adam Anders as the collective Vera Blue. This was so different to my previous music it deserved its own project name. The songs are about what I go through and very personal about me and I feel like I represent Vera Blue, but there are so many more people behind the creation, the production and everything so it is much more of a collective.

‘Perennialis all about a break up, was it your way of healing?

For the first few months of writing I was very much living the heartbreak and the pain of freshly coming out of the relationship. So the first few songs are about heartbreak and the freedom of not feeling that sense of hurt.

Then it’s more like a development and personal strengthening album, acknowledging vulnerability and how it’s ok to feel bad and it’s always going to come back.

The song ‘Private definitely has a sense of you taking your power back.

The album is structured into three different chapters and I worked very closely with my producer’s younger brother, Thom, who is a songwriter. The three chapters were the process. First chapter was very vulnerable and sad, and a lot of frustration. The second chapter was a bit more exciting, I’d gotten over the heartache. I’d become a bit more aware of my surroundings and less about love and more about empowerment. Third phase is reminiscing, maybe haven’t quite repaired from the last relationship. That’s where ‘Perennial’ comes in, it’s very constant and things come back around all the time.

How do you write with somebody else when it is writing about something so deeply personal?

The thing with Thom and Andy is they have experienced everything with me, they understand and they get me so I feel super open with them. The know how to translate my emotion and vulnerability with production, lyric and melody. It’s just so amazing working with people who are as passionate about the music and the project as I am.

So how do you feel about putting something so personal out into the world, so exposed?

It’s really quite an intense thing but I haven’t given it too much thought. Mainly I’m saying words for people who aren’t necessarily able to say them. I’m excited to be able to be so honest with the world and my listeners. I can talk about the songs but once it’s out there it becomes the listener’s own.

What’s the show like?

Fresh visuals, fresh songs and just whole new show. Hopefully people come along and stay on my journey for a long time. Performing live is one of my favourite parts of being an artist, the connection is amazing and I love it.


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If you haven’t already get your tickets for Vera Blue’s Miami Marketta show, 27 August you’re out of luck. The show has sold out. If you’re lucky enough to have nabbed a ticket, you’ll find yourself in awe of the voice and completely disarmed by the honesty and vulnerability.


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