Get ready for the Pete Neville Jazz Experience

Well, if you know the Pete Neville Jazz Experience, then you KNOW the Pete Neville Jazz Experience. And if you don’t, then welcome to a musical world that’s almost, but not quite, what you think it’s going to be. And all that jazz will be hitting Dust Temple in March.

Reminiscent of the cool jazz bands of the 1960s, The Pete Neville Jazz Experience is an original jazz quintet that brings together some of the most experienced players on the Gold Coast.

Audiences are treated to an extraordinary and nostalgic night of brilliant music making. They will hear original compositions and clever arrangements influenced by the iconic tunes of Wayne Shorter and Miles Davis, amongst many others.

We caught up with the titular Pete Neville himself ahead of their latest performance under the Artemus Events umbrella, where they’re great faves.

What is the band’s connection to the Gold Coast?

I’m originally from Sydney. I fell in love with Tamborine Mountain when my partner was working on a movie up here five years ago. So when the opportunity arose later that year, we moved up and got out of the rat race and haven’t looked back. I have, however, been coming up to the Gold Coast, touring with bands for many years (Trout Fishing in Quebec and The Resin Dogs), and the whole area from the Sunshine Coast down to Byron.

How long have you been together as a group?                                                                                                  

This band’s first gig was actually many years ago supporting You Am I at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney, a stalwart of Indie music, in the 90s. (Tim Rogers, a friend from school, actually wrote a song around that time that mentions my love of drummer Art Blakey – ‘And Vandalism’ from their No.4 Record).

Fast forward to 2018, and vibraphonist Dave Kemp invited me to play drums with his band – he and I met though various events in the world of percussion. I thought it was time to lead my band again – and musicians being musicians, you start to meet people when in a new city, and meet up with old connections. So the band has, apart from Dave on vibes, an old colleague from Sydney, Alfredo Lopes (sax and flute), and new musical friends Martha Baartz (saxes) and Liam Bulter (bass).

How many years of professional musicianship does the band have between all its members?

I would guess around 120 years. That makes us sound old, but we all started playing professionally quite young.

Who are your major influences?

This brand new version of the band brings together a fine array of jazz improvisers playing music influenced by the 1960s work of artists such as Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Wayne Shorter, The Modern Jazz Quartet, and Art Blakey. But also melodically, there is an influence of 60s rock and pop, especially the Beatles. The band name is a nod to that era – Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The Pete Neville Jazz Experience is a show like no other, and tickets for the 21 March show will sell out quickly. So hit up and grab yours ASAP.

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