Phoebe’s sad bangers on show at BIGSOUND

The sweet and happy smile of Phoebe Sinclair sits across from me in a coffee shop just a couple of hundred meters away from where she will take the stage for this year’s BIGSOUND festival. While it may be one of the bigger gigs she’s played so far, she is no stranger to the stage playing, Bleach Festival, Horizon Festival, Brisbane Festival and being a strong component in Griffith’s SEED program in recent years.

It’s no wonder the Gold Coast has dubbed her as one to watch.

Phoebe’s sound derives from some of the strongest women at the forefront of pop music today: Lorde, Sia, Tove Styrke and Sigrid. Sinclair however, puts her own little spin on it. “I had a friend in uni who describe my songs as sad bangers, or like, sangers,” she says laughing and all jokes aside, she is completely right. Phoebe’s last EP, ‘Sentiment, is filled with soul-squeezing lyrics which sit on a bed of funky beats and energising synths that definitely create that sad-pop effect.

When creating one of her so called ‘sangers” Sinclair uses collaborations to her advantage, sticking to what she’s best at, lyrics and melody, and gathering the help of friends to bring the songs to life with production.

“I know what I want, but I can’t always achieve it, so I’ll start a song by myself and then take it to a little team I’ve developed that bring out the best in me and we work on it from there.”

And it must be a killer team as her last single racked up remixes from producers across the globe and a whole lot of love from the Gold Coast.

Before she was the rising star, she was the quiet and shy child, in the shadows of older sisters who seemed a much better fit for a life in the music industry. When asked about the reality of day to day life as a musician, she replied like anyone who is irrevocably devoted to their passion.

“There is nothing else I enjoy anywhere near as much, even when it’s absolute heartbreak and it’s just not working how you wanted it to, it’s still 100 times better than doing something I hate,” Phoebe said.

“Every now and then you’ll get a yes and you just have to hold on to it. But I’ve had a few really good ‘yes’ moments lately so I really can’t complain.”

With the Gold Coast BIGSOUND Showcase at the forefront of her mind, she says she been focusing on her live set now, more than ever but another release is definitely in the works with the songs written and ready to go and we can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

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Phoebe performs at the Gold Coast BIGSOUND Showcase at The Valley Drive Inn on Wednesday 5 September from 12.30 – 2.00pm. Non-delegates should RSVP at

Image (c) Lamp Photography

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