Phoebe Sinclair: Hanging Five

Achingly talented Gold Coast-Brisbane chanteuse Phoebe Sinclair slid into 2019’s DMs with a haunting new track entitled ‘Unfair’, and we Cannot. Stop. Listening. Her first solo release in two years, ‘Unfair’ unequivocally reinforces why Phoebe has been dubbed the master of the ‘sanger’ (sad banger, for those playing along at home). You can get more of our thoughts on the track over in the New Music section, but for now, we thought we’d get a little more personal, and hang five with the hypnotic singer / songwriter.

What’s your current jam?

‘I’m It’ by Kota Banks reminds me daily that I got this.

You’ve got five albums with you on a desert island, what are they?

‘Glitterbug’ by the Wombats (the metaphors are unreal), ‘Getting the Team Back Together’ by Jeremy Neale (the best vibes for every situation), ‘Halcyon Days’ by Ellie Goulding (the reason I started writing my own tunes), ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ by Troye Sivan (released at a time I most needed to hear it) and ‘Sway’ by Tove Styrke (hooks galore!).

Which five Gold Coast bands or artists would you take on a road trip around Australia with you?

Paces, Hannah Rosa, Jarom, DVNA & Clawmachine (and we would have a blast!)

What inspires you?

Making the most of a bad situation. Icky feelings are often the best to write from and I’m learning to harness the uncomfortable moments and turn them into bangers to jump around to. Also TV shows (the trashier, the better).

What does 2019 look like for you?

Big! New experiences, more gigs, fresh content & collaborations and more sad-bangers! Also, Brooklyn 99 Season 6 (obviously).

Take a listen to ‘Unfair’ below:

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