Phoebe’s Sentiment

It’s an electrifying time for hypnotic Gold Coast songbird and Griffith SEED artist Phoebe Sinclair, with a single release happening in early June followed by the launch of her very first EP Sentiment at NightQuarter later in the month. Her ambient, electronic tunes and haunting vocals have struck a chord with listeners and the industry alike.  Natalie O’Driscoll had a quick Q+A with the delightful diva about the exciting month ahead.

You must be excited about your EP release on the 17th.  Tell us all about it!

Yes! I am absolutely brimming with excitement for the EP launch! We’re lucky enough to be playing at NightQuarter with the Griffith University SEED series, and there are some absolutely fab up-and-coming artists playing alongside us. On the bill there’s Athena Joy, Kirsty Abrahams and Keelan Mak, whom I’m thrilled to have playing at my single launch as well! I’m very excited for the little tour, but I think, since this is my first EP, I am most excited to finally have it released and out there in the world! To think that a stranger who happens to come along to a show and pick up a CD, or download a track, might be listening to my music in their car at any particular moment is a terribly exciting thought!

The EP is called Sentiment, it’s from one of my favourite lines in the first track and I think it sums up the meaning behind the whole EP. The tracks discuss the wrong-doings of love and are my opportunity to express self-indulgent feelings of tenderness, sadness, and nostalgia. It’s a bit naughty honestly, but when I’m onstage I can say exactly what I want to say, especially the things I might be too scared to admit in reality.

Who else was involved in the EP?

I was incredibly lucky to work with an amazing team in producing this EP. Caleb James was brilliant and mentored me through the whole process, whilst leading the production. The team comprised of Caleb and myself, Liam Malby, Jessica Kirkham, Fletcher Babb and the occasional input of Keelan Mak. The team were incredible, playing most of the parts between us and making the EP come to life!

From where do you draw your lyrical inspiration?

I suppose I draw mostly from what I know, Sentiment is incredibly self-indulgent in that it discusses my side of the story and doesn’t tiptoe around anyone else’s feelings. It is passionate and heated, and in order for me to feel that way each and every time I perform these songs the lyrics needed to come from somewhere real.

The first single This Isn’t Love will drop on 4 June, with the actual EP Launch taking place at NightQuarter on 17 June.  You can check out more from Phoebe and listen to some of her tunes at


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