Photographer Wayne Sorensen opens Miami gallery

Award-winning Gold Coast wildlife and landscape photographer Wayne Sorensen has opened his own gallery in Miami with the current exhibition featuring spectacular images from remote and populous locations around the world.

Wayne trained as both a fine artist and photographer at the Queensland College of Arts and has always had a passion for both mediums, but in the past 10 years has turned more to photography.

“As an art medium [photography] is something I’ve identified with more,” Wayne tells us.

“What I love about it, when in the digital age, everyone can be a photographer, is taking it to the next level; doing something that some else is not doing. Going somewhere very few people have been.”

“I have been shooting most of my life but most seriously the past five years. Most of the pieces in the gallery were shot in the past two years, particularly the international pieces. The gallery is more than just seascapes and the usual landscapes. I’ve tried to create these little windows to the world. It’s an opportunity to travel when you can’t travel!”

The pieces on display embrace a variety of styles and settings including stunning Antarctica settings and inhabitants, extraordinary Siberian bears, fishing villages of Malta as well as unique Gold Coast and central Australian scenes. Two of Wayne’s images taken during a trip to Antarctica were shortlisted as finalists in the 2020 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Another was a finalist in the international 2020 Bird Photographer of the Year competition and is a feature in the gallery, showcasing a ‘fluttering explosion’ of pigeons taking flight at the Duomo di Milano cathedral in Milan, Italy.

“Photography is a very misrepresented art form,” Wayne states.

“It’s much more than click and print. It’s so much more. It’s composition, technique, artwork, it’s camera technique, craft, the visual elements, the artist’s eye, knowing how to frame things. I like to slow down the process. Having the vision is so important. Sometimes I’m there for three hours for one shot!”

Wayne has run his own advertising and design business on the Gold Coast for 30 years and has always had a dream to have his own gallery. An opportunity presented itself to buy the space in Miami, previously an advertising business.

“We saw it as an opportunity to house our business and open a public gallery space in an emerging cultural precinct with local breweries and cafes providing some of the foot traffic,” explains Wayne.

“I’m prepared to take it slowly and build the business mostly through word of mouth. As an artist you want to share your work, you want people to see it, you want commentary.”

The gallery itself is the quintessential beach shack blending Hamptons and Queenslander styles to create a charming persona from the moment visitors arrive at the gallery. Wayne says that they “avoided the temptation of uber modern, sleek style in favour of something a little more whimsical.”

The Wayne Sorensen Gallery opens Thursdays to Sundays 10am to 4pm at 40 Lemana Avenue, Miami. You can visit for more.

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