Pilates and beer. It’s a thing.

Mindfulness amidst the malt? It’s a thing.

In a collaboration between a local yoga company and Burleigh Brewing, more than 60 people swanned into Savasana Sundaze at the Brewery last month, which saw back-bends amongst the brew tanks and bakasanas amongst the barley.

And it’s no surprise given our City’s love of all things fit and fabulous while maintaining a healthy approach to social affairs.

Burleigh Brewing has been approached by other local businesses to use the unique venue to add a twist to their usual offering. Burleigh Brewing CEO Peta Fielding said it looks like lycra and beers do mix after all.

“I was dubious,” she said. “It was great to see our brewery being used in such a creative way.”


“It’s great to be able to link in with local businesses and support Gold Coast industry,” Peta said.

And while a yoga class in a brewery might seem like a strange combination Burleigh Brewing ain’t stopping there. This month they’re working with Pound Fitness to bring a seriously rockin’ workout to the brewery.

Pound & Pour will be a very unique experience. If you haven’t seen the viral clips of people beating drumsticks while doing a hardcore pilates workshop, you’re clearly not a real social media junkie.

Pound Fitness is a fusion of cardio, pilates and strength training, combined with constant drumming and in this case, world class craft beer.

Pound Master Pro Trainer Diane Robertson will lead the workout.

“Pound is a one of a kind workout with a connection to music like no other,” Diane said. “Once you’re finished, you can enjoy a beer. You’ve earned the right to a coldie haven’t you?”

Pound & Pour takes place this Sunday 18 September at Burleigh Brewing from 1.00pm.

To secure your place, visit Pound Fitness Gold Coast.

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