Ten Gold Coast Poke Bowls you need to try immediately

A perfect fit for the Gold Coast lifestyle, it was inevitable that poke bowls would sweep the coast away with their vibrancy. Adapting the fresh clean flavours of poke, California style, to our own fine local produce, the dish quickly spread, offering us one of the healthiest, most convenient meals in town. Not sure where to find poke on the Gold Coast? We’ve got you covered.

Aloha Bar & Dining

Aloha does their own adaption of poke using salmon or tuna, eggplant or tofu with a squirt of aioli, served with chopped lettuce, sections of avocado chunks, wakame, edamame and carrot over sticky coconut rice.

Baskk at Kirra Point

Baskk takes a different tack on the poke bowl, giving diners a choice at each point in the making of base (Japanese sesame rice or green salad), filling (different veg, roasted nori and seeds), dressing (sesame kewpie or soy) and topping (salmon salsa lime and chilli, teriyaki chicken or organic chili lime tofu).

Beachside Pavilion

Under direction of Japanese sushi chef Yus-uke, three poke bowls have become their modern classics: sashimi-style ocean trout with quinoa and edamame; tuna with brown rice, and pickled vegetables; and kingfish togarashi with ginger and kimchi, all available for breakfast!

Caffeine Kings

Said to be the first to introduce poke bowls to the coast, Jess, the owner, believes in traditional sectioned bowls, the Japanese way, the key elements being fresh fish, wakame, edamame, avocado and either a citrus ponzu or shoyu dressing. Caffeine Kings’ menu holds both a breakfast poke, and ‘The Classic’ with raw local salmon.

The Collective

The Collective’s Hawaiian tuna poke is a generous serving of tuna sashimi tossed in chunky avocado, soya, shallots, peppered with sesame, served with garlic pastry dippers.

Harajuku Gyoza Beer Stadium

Harajuku’s salmon sashimi poke bowl contains some prime ingredients, including saffron threads, roe, slaw, pickled ginger, beansprouts, broccoli and carrot on rice. It’s a great size for a meal on the run.

Poké Poké

What defines a great poke bowl? ‘Morgan Walsh’, her staff say, and we must agree. In the first dedicated poke restaurant on the Gold Coast, Morgan takes the idea of poke and reinvents it for the coast’s existing ingredient loves. ‘Breakfast pokes’ turn poke on its head, while the ‘All day poke’ menu contains more traditional versions along with vegetarian, chicken and karaage. The ‘Tuna me on’ is one of our favourites, mixed to order.


On the beach at Surfers, Sandbar has undergone an amazing makeover. Seafood is king. Lunch features three types of Hawaiian poke bowls: traditional Kauai tuna, Oahu snapper, or Maui kingfish sashimi marinated in passionfruit, green chilli and lime. They’re completely addictive as a beach brunch.


Poke rules? There are none, according to co-owner Jules, whose tuna sashimi poke marinated in lime tamari or chilli sesame dressing is a taste sensation. Served with fried wontons, it’s one of our favourites.

Stones Throw

Poke or Hoke, take your pick at Stones Throw, where salmon is mixed with rice wine-pickled vegetables and probiotic kimchi over brown rice. Partly mixed, it’s a healthy, tasty version that is favoured for its combination of ingredients and flavours. Poke on!

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