Political satire the Gold Coast way

Archipol Prize is all about political satire the Gold Coast way. Politicians from the local election have donated their left-over corflutes and the organisers are hoping the federal candidates will do the same after the July election. The donated corflutes get an artistic make-over with a little bit of cheek, little bit of personal opinion and a whole lot of fun and artistic vision.

The idea got started with the now famous incident of one of Penny Toland’s (Mayoral candidate in the local elections in March) corflutes going missing during the election campaign only to reappear later with additional make-up and a new hairdo. This got Ms Toland and Fredric Berjot from Urban Paradise Gallery talking and the politicians and artists followed.

Anyone with an interest to try their hands on some political satire can take part and get their corflutes from the gallery, do their magic and submit them for the exhibition. Any politician can donate their old corflutes and put themselves out there for some friendly feedback and kind-hearted satire. 

For more information and confirmed dates for the exhibition, check out Urban Paradise Gallery on facebook or visit them at 3221 Surfers Paradise BLVD, Surfers Paradise. 

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