A pop of colour comes to Southport

The latest addition to our City’s cultural scene, the Art Lovers Australia gallery in Southport, opens their next temporary exhibition ‘Colour Pop’ at the end of March. This exhibition revolves around colour and includes nine artists from all over Australia.

Kate Owen is the featured artist of the exhibition. She is a visual artist living and working in northern New South Wales, and while her art is abstract, the energetic, bright colours of her work form positive and joyful images of plants and flowers.

“We all know that colour can make your mood, and it is something that really gets me more in touch with myself,” said Kate.

“Pink, for me, is passion, happiness, love, inner peace and contentment, while dark green and indigo mean sophistication and strength.

“I have recently found Australian Red Violet, and it seems to be popping up everywhere now,” she continued.

“I also love this Cobalt Blue, just one or two little bits of it. I also use a lot of really pale, ice green oil sticks. It is so much fun to use oil sticks on the painted colour surface; to draw on the painting to create the contrast and the depth!”

All of Kate’s artwork included in this exhibition were specifically painted for it.

“The first painting I made for ‘Colour Pop’ was ‘Joy’, and this set the tone for the rest of the works for this exhibition. It is all about giving people good vibes and happiness.

“I do like a bit of fun and quirkiness too. ‘Cactus Bunny’, for example, makes no sense. It is just a bit of fun. I would love for people to wonder why I named it so!

“I paint with colour, and it makes me feel good. I believe that it makes the viewer feel the same, and I love that,” Kate told us.

Another master of colour in the exhibition is Ian Tremewen, a Canadian-born artist now residing in Australia. His colourful paintings tell stories of times lived in the Caribbean and the Hawaiian tropics.

“As an artist, I can experiment with many aspects and combinations,” Ian told us.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the psychedelic colours hidden in rainforests. For me, these elements invite abstraction, where a shape, along with colour and texture, defines an object.”

Other artists included in this exhibition are Trisha Lambi, Anthony Pieters, Jane Long, Franko, Kate Graham, Monique Baques and Louise Isackson.

‘Colour Pop’ runs from Saturday 27 March at the Art Lovers Australia gallery at The Brickworks Annex, Warehouse Road, Southport. Visit artloversaustralia.com.au/shop for more.

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