Power-Up your profile at industry bootcamp

Blank GC is proudly presenting a series of powerful workshops created by two of South-East Queensland’s most innovative marketing and communications specialists, Samantha Morris and Kylie Cobb. We thought it timely ahead of their upcoming “Boot-Camp” to grill them.

What exactly is The Power-Up Series?

KC: They are a series of media and marketing workshops we’ve developed especially for people working in the creative industries.

SM: We kick things off with a 2.5hr ‘boot-camp’ style workshop which looks at 5 pillars of creating a bangin’ profile. We then have other workshops that dig deeper into each of the five pillars.

What is different about them?

KC: We have a lot of fun in a very casual, relaxed atmosphere. Sam wears her docs and I make lots of inappropriate jokes. But, they are powerful, punchy and very practical.

So, are you going to tell us what the 5 Pillars are, or will you have to kill us?

SM: Haha we’re happy to share. In fact that is a huge part of what we’re doing here – unleashing a whole bunch of strategies and info often reserved in the music industry for the “big guns”, so that people starting out can have a bit of a leg up and start working on the important stuff now.

KC: The Five Pillars we talk about show creatives how to get their mugs in the media, how to brand the sh*t out of their stuff, nail social media, harness the powers of superfans and how to secure powerful partnerships.

SM: If you do that, your fan base and income will grow and before you know it, more awesome opportunities will start coming your way too.

Who are you and where have you been all our creative lives?

SM: Well, together we have decades of experience in media, marketing and communications across a range of sectors – corporate, government and environmental. We’ve found when working with artists, we bring a unique perspective to the creative industries. So with an understanding of what creatives need to know, and how they like to hear it, we see our workshop participants kicking goals all over the place.

KC: In other words, we know artists. We know our stuff. And we’ll kick your creative butts into the world of media and marketing AND you’ll thank us for it!

We have heard some great things from people who’ve attended the workshop. What have been your favourite wins?

KC: The most exciting part for me is when people come up afterwards saying how relieved they are that FINALLY someone has made media and marketing not so scary and something they can actually do after all .

SM: It’s awesome seeing our “Power-Up Leaguers” kicking cool goals, big and small. Whether it’s simply posting more confidently and strategically on social media or scoring a prime-time television interview – they’re all winners.

The next Power-Up Series Marketing & Media Boot-Camp is on 11 October, 10am-12:30pm • Book at thepowerupseries.com



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