PREMIERE: Emergence Of The Cosmic Monolith, a visual EP by Tesla Cøils

Emergence Of The Cosmic Monolith is the debut release by intergalactic duo and this month’s cover stars, Tesla Cøils. The EP sees the band channel retro-future electro-pop with lashings of dark electronica.

Opening number Eyes fuses spaghetti western style guitar with early 80’s electro-pop to splendid effect, and introduces the expressive, baritone style vocals of analogue synth maestro Jed A Wølters. To these ears the track invokes the spirit of early Wall Of Voodoo and their original singer, Stan Ridgway.

The next track Parasite, is a 70’s style prog-synth delight, with Wølters solemnly intoning his darkly cosmic lyrics while eliciting tones both ominous and celestial from htesla_coils_monolith_ep_master xis vintage analogue synth set up.

Track three, Creature, is the EP’s most heavy duty moment, Wølters relentless, industrial synth groove and proclamation of “I don’t want a girl, I want a creature” married to a pounding, glam stomp laid down by cyber-tronic drummer Chris Dennis.

Terminal sees the duo intoning the dark hearts of Gary Numan and latter period Depeche Mode while floating in space.

The band depart on a celestial high on final number Evolved, epic and uplifting, the swooping
synths finally seizing up and melting away to cosmic dust, sending our galactic travelers back whence they came… shadowy men from a shadowy planet. 

Emergence Of The Cosmic Monolith see Tesla Cøils splendidly showcase their dual musical persona, ominous yet uplifting, quirky yet catchy. Following their dark star journeys from here on in should be fascinating.

Watch the visual EP here:

Read our feature story on Tesla Coils and buy the EP now in iTunes.

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