Premiere: Wren Klauf launches Live A Green Life with Me EP

Sam Faulkner goes by the name Wren Klauf which kind of bothered me for a while. Until he explained its origins, “the sound of my surname said backwards.” Now I feel silly.

“The whole Wren Klauf thing started when I returned from New Zealand. I was over there playing drums with Thin White Lines, a band of brothers that I love dearly. I decided to come back for many reason, one being that I wanted to go in my own direction.”

He says his first EP Sharing Sleep was minimal and acoustic and reflects a place and time. But he got bored of it so wrote the songs on new EP Live a Green Life with Me. After arranging the songs with his band, the EP was recorded with Steven Dalamaras who also plays keys.

“He really made me feel confident about what we were doing and made it better than it ever could’ve been, without him,” Sam said.

When I ask him about his connection to the Gold Coast he says he’s GC “born ‘n’ raised, baby.”

“I love this place and it will always be home,” he said. “There is so much here, mostly creative people and people willing to help creative people, BLANK FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. Let’s take this and develop it into something nutz, we got all the tools we need baby.”

Live a Green Life With Me was premiered through Blank GC and Sam said “it’s a cool little thing,” acknowldedging the work of bandmates Chiaki, Bray, Regal and Steve.

“Live a Green Life with Me, to me, is about observation basically, what we witness and how we feel everyday and also just occasionally,” Sam said.

“Musically, it differs quite a lot I guess… Each track is diverse and we indulge in our passion for sappy love songs, obscurity, odd-time signatures and structure.”

The four tracks on the EP are accompanied by their own visual art. Sam said he didn’t have the ability to draw what he wanted to see but knew he wanted a visual base so he contacted Lee Mason, “an awesomely bizarre creative” who created the cover art as well as a piece for Melancholyflower amongst other things. Other artists involved in producing pieces to accompany the tracks include Johnny Russell, Ellie Sheppart and Dave Marini.

“I love the community vibe, so having handfuls of hands working with us to craft something special is all I want,” Sam said. Lou Maurelli made us a hilarious video for Melancholyflower too, he’s a crazy dude.

“We’re planning more DIY shows around the Coast to showcase what our friends are doing with creative arts, help make it bigger,” Sam added.

You can catch Wren Klauf if you have a ticket to the sold-out Pig Day Out in Pigabeen, otherwise keep your ears peeled for gig listings, or listen to the EP via Soundcloud.

We premiere Wren Klauf’s new EP

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