Preparing the City Collection for the new HOTA Gallery

Staff are doing an incredible amount of work, preparing the City Collection for the HOTA Gallery opening in 2021.

Did you know HOTA is the home of the City Collection which includes more than 5000 works of art worth more than $32 million?

The City Collection also includes one of the largest collections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in regional Australia.

Behind the scenes there is an enormous amount of work that goes into maintaining a collection of this size, and of course staff at Home of the Arts are also preparing to move the collection to its new home in early 2021.

The gallery team is currently demounting and de-framing many works on paper, disposing of unwanted frames at auction, removing wires, adding fittings and backings to hanging works.

They are also preparing and updating our archival storage options including paper folders, blue board storage boxes, solander boxes for demounted works and making bespoke storage boxes for 3D items like ceramics and small sculptures.

The team only uses the highest quality, museum grade archival materials which are non-acidic, UV resistant and will not discolour or otherwise effect the works.

The gallery team have more than 2300 paintings/framed works to be prepared, 500 works to be unframed and boxed, 900 unframed works to be boxed and more than 630 3D works to be boxed/wrapped/crated. They are also reviewing and re-boxing items in the museum collection and will make around 500 storage/transport containers.

As well as preparing for the move, the team are also photographing works of art and securing copyright permissions, a valuation of the entire collection will be undertaken, offsite/loaned items are being collected and ongoing conservation activity is being carried out.

Once work on the collection has been completed a selection will be moved off-site to allow staff to move existing storage fixtures and fittings into the new Gallery later this year. Artwork storage options include large format map drawers, rolling hanging wracks and archival tube rolls. The storage areas will be maintained at 21 degrees and 50% humidity, conditions considered ideal for the preservation of a variety of artworks.

Once the brand-new storage is set up in the new gallery, the collections will be moved across in preparation for the inaugural collection hang.

The new HOTA Gallery, with AAA rated environmental controls and specialist lighting, will showcase the City Collection in a way it’s never been seen and allow it to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

The doors of the new HOTA Gallery will be thrown open in early 2021, and we cannot wait!

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