Press Club Bring Punk Back to Bigsound

Newcomers Press Club have been making waves since first stepping out on the stage earlier this year. From playing alongside major acts like WAAX and Ali Barter, to having just been announced on the lineup of Festival of the Sun and Fairgrounds Festival, Press Club have been hitting the ground running. Catherine Gunther caught up with Ian MacRae ahead of Press Club’s BIGSOUND shows next week.

You guys are fairly new to the scene, what does it mean to be playing BIGSOUND? 

It’s wicked. There’s so many brilliant bands on the lineup. We can’t wait to check them all out. Looking forward to a bit of sunshine too to be honest. Melbourne winters get pretty tired.

What can we expect of your live show?

Our shows are all pretty energetic, and loud. Natalie is a super dynamic front-woman and really commands the stage. That said no two shows ever come off the same either.

Other than performing at BIGSOUND which bands are you looking forward to seeing?

The lineup is really solid I think. We’re big fans of Horace Bones so can’t wait to see them again. I’ve wanted to see Big White for a while too.

You’ve played with some awesome bands, some of which are also playing BIGSOUND, what’s it like playing such big shows less than a year after first hitting the stage?

We love it. Big, engaged crowds are the best. It’s a really good pay off to all the work we put in behind the scenes writing and recording our tunes. It feels natural for this band to play to bigger rooms for some reason.

You’re debut single ‘Headwreck’ is packed full of energy, can you tell us a bit about what inspired the song and why you chose it as your first single?

It was the last song we wrote one songwriting session and it was one of those ones that just really fell into place very easily and wasn’t a struggle to write.  We started of with the head part and played through that a few times and the rest of the form was pretty much ad libbed the first run through the track. The verse sections really just popped up improvised. We all back Headwreck as a song, and it’s still super fun to play which kinda informed our decision to release it as the first single. We also wanted to pick song that was a bit of a mission statement for the band and that was indicative of our overall musical style.

You’ve been getting some pretty big support from the likes of triple j and festival slots, what can we expect next from Press Club?

Yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of love. It’s really gratifying and makes the effort feel like it’s not in vain. It’s not an easy gig being in an original band and managing everything that goes along with that. Next from us expect more shows, hopefully bigger shows. New music also. There’s still only Headwreck out in the world now, so we’re pretty ready to show people some more material.

Who are your top 5 bands you’re currently listening to?

For me the top five bands I’m spinning at the moment are Gang of Youths, Joe Higgs, Bench Press, Sheer Mag and Royal Headache.

Catch Press Club at BIGSOUND on Wednesday 6 September at 10.00pm at The Foundry and Thursday 7 September at 10.40pm at The Brightside.

Check out the music video for ‘Headwreck’ below.

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