Protest The Hero + A Breach Of Silence + He Danced Ivy | Live review and gallery | The Brightside, Tuesday 25 April 2017

He Danced Ivy has the opening slot tonight for Protest The Hero. I honestly had not heard of these guys until tonight and as soon as I had my first chance I jumped onto the interwebs to search for them. These guys were fantastic and a great deal of fun to watch. The lead singer brings a refreshing energy to the stage and the songs fit perfect into a support slot for Protest The Hero.

Brisbanes very own local outfit A Breach Of Silence are second on the rank. A heavier more brutal support in comparison to He Danced Ivy, but both of which win the crowd over. They’re loud and in your face in all the right ways. The solos are ripping, the riffs are big and the vocals compliment it all perfectly.

Tonight is Canadian five piece Protest The Heros first time back on Australian soil since their Volition tour back in 2014. This time on the height of their most recent release Pacific Myth.

The set kicks off with Sex Tapes from their 2011 album Scurrilous. Banging straight through tracks Yellow Teeth and Clarity before coming to a halt to chat with the crowd.

The set is half a comedy routine, but it’s not off putting. It’s hilarious. Vocalist Rody Walker is quick off the bat and witty as hell. Keeping the crowd amused between tracks with stories such as being made to do a shoey in Newcastle which sends the crowd roaring in laughter.

We see  new comer Eric Gonsalves in bass duties tonight who absolutely perfects the part. Not only is he killing it with the riffs, but he’s filling a hole of energy left behind by ex bassist Arif. Also noticeably absent is guitarist Tim Millar who had to rush back home to Whitby, Ontario for a family emergency. The boys have taken it to themselves to perform as a four piece with Tims parts played through the PA which “sounds better than when he’s actually here” says Walker jokingly. And by golly to they hit it spot on. You need to keep in mind that these guys don’t perform your average six chord pop song. These are intricate and technical pieces of music which are written and performed to suit two guitarists. So absolute props to guitarist Luke Hoskin tonight.

Walker again jokes with the crowd after telling them that they only have 3 songs left that bitching and moaning won’t change anything. The set finishes up with two of their biggest hits Limb From Limb and Bloodmeat from their breakthrough 2008 release Fortress. The lights dim and the audience blasts into chants for an encore. Seriously can’t stress enough how loud they cheered for an encore, it was awesome to see in such a small venue.

My final verdict – The last two times I’d seen Protest was at Soundwave and then Max Watts, so seeing them in such a close intimate venue without barriers was incredible. With Walkers intense and fun energy at such close proximity, this made for a mind blowing show. I refuse to miss another tour, these guys just proved once again how much I love them and exactly why I do. Just brilliant.


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