Pub Choir’s on a mission to Marketta

Everybody can sing, and Pub Choir is on a mission to prove it.

Pack yourself into a venue with hundreds of strangers, learn a song in three part harmony in 90 minutes, perform it twice, and if the publishing Gods are smiling: have it immortalised in video forever. No audition, no solos, no commitments, no sheet music, NO WORRIES. (And being able to have one or drinks might just serve to work on those stage nerves, too).

Whether you’ve heard of this phenomenon sweeping the country or not, 4 July is your chance to participate in our very own Pub Choir when it comes to Miami Marketta.

Music belongs to everybody. So grab a beer, relax, and simply open your sound hole (your mouth, FYI). It’s rowdy, wholesome, and so much damn fun! For more info, visit

Pub Choir kicks off at 6.00pm, 4 July at Marketta. Tickets here.


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