VIDEO PREMIERE: Purple Zain, Fall in Love

Gold Coast's Purple Zain

Purple Zain has delivered a new electro-pop number that’s equal parts dark and twisted and we’re premiering it here at Blank Gold Coast today.

The new track ‘Fall in Love’ is off an upcoming concept album ‘Supervision II: The Psychopathology of Angelica Deathray.’

“The album follows on from the story of the first ‘Supervision’ album about a psychiatrist in the year 3084 who can travel into the subconscious to help people find the meaning to their lives,” Zain Constantine told Blank GC ahead of the song’s release.

‘Fall In Love’ is the second track on the new album and introduces the character of Angelica, describing her inner torment, her self destructive behaviours and her desire to fall in love.

“The video shows inside Angelica’s subconscious and her battle with her demons, trauma and desires,” Zain said.

With access to a ‘sex cave dungeon’ in Byron Bay, Zain said location definitely played a part in the video’s direction. Trevor Worden helped make the video happen.

“I had the vision of the clip in my mind and he worked with me to get my thoughts on to a story board and the practicalities of filming subconscious imagery.

“The dancing team choreographed the clip to make it that extra bit of awesome. We had two dancers sustain injuries before the filming so they had to adjust some of the choreography on the fly, but it still all worked out well.”

Zain was a finalist for Video of the Year at the 2017 Gold Coast Music Awards for a 360 degree video ‘I Am The Best’ and says the nomination helped validate the work the group puts towards they music.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m just a ratbag punk from Coolangatta, but since the Award it helps remind me that I’m actually doing something credible,” he said.

“That 2017 nomination also pushes me to keep creating good music and visuals and I won’t lie, I want ‘Fall In Love’ to win that damn award next year!”

And while live electro music doesn’t have a really strong scene here on the Gold Coast, Zain says he’s still connected with all the punks and rockers he grew up with. “And most of them still tolerate the music I make.”

“I’m not really sure though why live electro isn’t bigger on the Gold Coast.”

“The genre is so much fun, creative, and can be as commercial or alternative as you want. Plus it’s huge internationally and there are always live electro artists performing at major festivals.”

So, to grow the scene here, Zain has been working with friends who run ‘Live Electronic Musicians of Melbourne’ with more than 1000 Facebook members to take the reigns on a Queensland Chapter: Live Electronic Musicians of Queensland.

“They’re about helping live electronic artists build a platform for gigging, releasing music and networking,” he said.

So, cinematic videos and Facebook domination aside, what else is on the horizon for Purple Zain?

“I’ve been going hard trying to get ‘Supervision II’ finished so that should be out in the next few months,” he said. “Once the album’s ready I’ll start exercising to get in shape, get a new hair colour, and then band rehearsals for the upcoming tour and promotions. :

“Otherwise it’s just about enjoying the creative side of music, and I’ll be doing a bit of watching the view counter go up on this film clip.


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Feature image illustrated by Jamie “Poon Goat” Peters, who also masquerades as the bass player for Lagerstein. Talented mofo.

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