Qantum physics and the art of observing art at Hillier & Skuse

Two local artists who come at reality from very different starting points will be the focus of the new exhibition at newly opened Hillier and Skuse Gallery. The day we visited, the gallery was bright and spacious with co-owner Stephen Skuse eager to greet guests and happy to discuss the exhibitions within.

Otto Schmidinger and Ilia Chidzey are two of the artists currently being featured in the space.

Both artists ask you to look again and question your understanding of a world or a preconception of an image and not let the pervasive nature of everyday spin cloud your judgement.

Chidzey and Schmidinger, though visually miles apart, both dissect reality and draw the viewer with them in questioning obvious narratives and creating new ones.

Susan Skuse says they’re excited to be hosting the artists. “Both fit well with our gallery’s objective of focusing on local creative committed to their art practice,” she said. “And whose work displays skill and quality and dare we say it in the same breath as ‘contemporary art’, have commercial value.”

Ilia Chidzey currently has works displayed in the Victorian Parliament House, Melbourne and the National Museum of Erotica in Canberra. She dared to expose her art in the Gold Coast Arts Centre Café as a solo exhibitor and was a participant in the ground breaking Blending Genders Exhibition at the Royal Queensland Art Society in the same year.

Most people would instantly be familiar with Otto Schmidinger’s work, as a freelance illustrator, he created many iconic images for Australian and international brands such as Cascade beer, Qantas, McDonalds, Optus and Nokia amongst others. His stunning creations in the world of Fine Arts and sculpture have been seen in numerous major art prize finals, including, most recently, the D’Arcy Doyle prize for landscape.

The exhibition runs 14 November to 30 December. More at


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