QMusic Industry Connect: Gold Coast

Q Music’s Industry Connect is a free music program that is bringing industry professionals from around Australia to our doorstep to help local musicians’ up skill and build sustainable careers. The program is designed for those who are at the beginning, or starting to establish, their career. So far the program has seen presentations by leading industry professionals covering touring, marketing, branding, streaming and publishing. Although marketed for musicians these workshops are open to anyone in the industry, whether you’re a producer, writer, musician, band manager or promoter.

There are still five more workshops to see the program out for the year, held at The Farm in Miami. The next workshop ‘Building A Team V.S. DIY’ is on August 17th with guest speakers Deena Lynch & Alex Henriksson discussing the pro’s and con’s hiring a team of managers, agents and publicists verse doing it yourself. ‘Meet Your Maker’ on August 31st with Maggie Collins is tailored for preparing artists attending or showcasing at industry events like BIGSOUND in September or awards like the Queensland Music Awards.

Andrew Tuttle will be speaking about making money from film, TV and videogames, introducing the work of sync, royalties and APRA AMCOS at ‘I Heard It On the Television’ September 28th. October’s workshop ‘Getting It Out There’ hosted by Stacey Piggott will discuss the different ways to get your music out to public audiences. Lucky last is ‘Why Should I Give You Money?’ on November 4th will be focusing on what makes a great application for grants, public funding and how to make crowd funding successful.

Registration is a must for these small intimate workshops and you can do so at the Q Music website. These unique events are invaluable to local artists, with previous attendees agreeing the wealth of knowledge on offer is something not to pass up. Better yet every workshop is absolutely free!

Go to Q Music’s website to register for these workshops.

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