David Williams brings some quiet faith to the coast

Acclaimed writer and director David Williams is set to take Gold Coasters on a surprising journey into the world of the quietly, progressively faithful when ‘Quiet Faith’ plays at HOTA on 9 and 10 May.

David Williams writes, directs and stars in this 60-minute production alongside Rose Maher.

Generated from hours of interviews with Christian Australians, Quiet Faith offers a beautiful, immersive and heartfelt portrait of the very different ways that faith can underpin civic life.

The place of Christian faith in Australian politics is often linked to conservatism and intolerance.  Many members of the current Federal Government profess deep Christian beliefs and groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby loudly intervene in public policy debates.

In this production, David Williams suggests that the face of contemporary Christianity is much more complex than the one we are routinely shown.  While the press focuses on the intersection of conservative politics and religiou, Quiet Faith largely amplifies the voices of the faithful who identify with the progressive left side of politics.

The setting for the show is quite unique, with the audience seated on benches arranged in three circles.  The use of light and candles creates the perfect space for audiences to be absorbed into the intimate and thoughtful conversation.

‘Quiet Faith’ plays at HOTA on Wednesday 9 May at 10.00am and 6.30pm and Thu 10 May, at 6.30pm. To book tickets visit hota.com.au.


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