Down The Rabbit Hole With Alisha Todd

Indie-folk chanteuse Alisha Todd has just dropped a splendid new single, ‘Rabbit Hole’, her fourth individual release so far in 2020.

Resplendent in ethereal breathlessness and her trademark angelic vocals, the track builds further upon her trademark pop infused, indie-folk template to deliver another captivating chapter in her burgeoning back catalogue. The track was forged in one 45-minute recording session, with the devastation of the early 2020 bushfires serving as its defining theme of letting go of the heavy stuff outside of one’s control.

Says Alisha of the songs evolution: ”I’d just arrived home from a weekend of playing out at the Peter Allen Festival in Tenterfield at the beginning of this year. It was an eerie drive, with most of the trees along the road blackened from the fires and smoke still rising from the hills in Tenterfield itself. I remember a waterbomber dropping a load as I watched Luke Vassella play an outdoor set.

“Since then I’d been hearing bad news after bad news. As an artist, I think it’s important that we reflect our surroundings in our work. But it’s all been so grim and I saw during this festival, from watching an activist musician friend, how this can quickly turn into a downward spiral, falling into the ‘Rabbit Hole’ and struggling to find a way to come up for air.

“When I arrived home, I sat on the couch in silence, then suddenly picked up the guitar and started playing this song like it was already written.”

>>> Take a listen to ‘Rabbit Hole’

In addition to ‘Rabbit Hole’, Alisha has also put out three previous singles in 2020, and I put it to her as to whether the challenges of COVID and its impacts on everyday life played a key part in this fertile creative output.

“To be honest, I already had all these songs in the works pre-COVID, but the fact that I had so much spare time meant that I had the brain capacity to dive deep into learning how to release music as an independent artist,” she said.

“So these past few months have actually involved me doing all the really un-fun, un-musical stuff, like becoming a marketing extraordinaire and video editing guru and graphic designer and website and content creator. I am a super slow learner and a true Pisces, so I don’t think I would have learned what I have to date if COVID hadn’t come around the bend and forced me to.”

On top of her solo work, Alisha is also now putting her focus into a new musical collaboration, GENIIE BOY, something for which she’s clearly heavily invested in both art and heart.

“GENIIE BOY is the official duo collaboration with my much-loved partner in life and music, Scott French (Cheap Fakes, French Butler Called Smith, Felicity Lawless, Thee Endless),” Alisha explained.

“Since we met, he has always played a part in every release of mine, so I thought – let’s make it official! I definitely wanted him to have more creative input into the production because he has a much more creative mind when it comes to the music side of things. So you can expect better guitar and bass lines, that’s for sure… and the boy sure can play drums!

“It’s a full sound that embodies both our musical spirits – a melding of psychedelic rock and indie pop instrumentation… as if Adele’s house were haunted by the White Stripes.”

Alisha Todd’s captivating new single, ‘Rabbit Hole, is out now, and you can check it out below. And keep an eye out for her new GENIIE BOY project, together with Scott French.

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