Rabbit Radio and GD FRNDS go completely off the tracks

Two emerging players on the local music scene are joining forces to showcase local talent at a special event at Miami Shark Bar this month. Off the Tracks is bringing Sydney slickers Borneo (pictured) to the stage, with supports from local legends Von Villains, Yes Sir Noceur and newcomers Radolescent.

GD FRNDS is an independent record and PR agency brought to life by Blank GC writers Jake Wilton and Chris Lamaro with Brett Sellwood. And Rabbit Radio is joining forces with them for this special gig. If you don’t know about Rabbit Radio you’ve been living in a warren of epic proportions. Rabbit Radio is one of the Gold Coast’s independent and online radio stations.

Rabbit Radio Station Manager Sarah McEwan said the goal was to help the station grow.

“We want to create a big party for the people of the Coast. So we’re hoping this gig goes super well and we can make this a regular thing,” she said.

“We’re constantly presented with new music that we wanna share,” Sarah added. “I’m most looking forward to seeing everyone have a sick time – having a groove, supporting local music and obviously getting Rabbit Radio out there more. We’ll be selling merch and we’ve got some sweet new t-shirts that you’ll gig.”

Von Villains drummer Anthony Vallone was excited to be on the lineup.

“It’s great to see some bigger bands like Borneo come to the Coast again, and also to see the GC freshies grab a slot,” he told Blank GC.

It’s not all rock ‘n’ roll for local outfit Von Villains who signed to GD FRNDS for their PR this year. Anthony said they’re very happy with the arrangement.

“GD FRNDS have been a relief,” he said. “Dealing with your own band’s PR can be a little draining, so we are chuffed to have them represent us.”

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Saturday 18 June | Off The Tracks: Borneo + Von Villains + Yes Sir Noceur + Radolescent + GD FRNDS DJs, Miami Shark Bar


Disclaimer: pretty much all the people involved in GD FRNDS and Rabbit Radio mentioned here have volunteered for Blank over the years. That’s how cool they are.


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