Rabbit Radio recommends: Electric Zebra

Last year, four young men graduated from Merrimac State High. They’d been playing music together since grade 10. When they met, one of them was playing flute, one the trumpet, another the saxophone.

Now they’re Electric Zebra. Transitioning from school to uni and work. Kind of. I sat down with Keelan Sanders (vocals guitar) and Adam Sharman (guitar / keys) for a five minute chat right after an interview on Rabbit Radio.

They laughed about that transition from school to the ‘real world’. “We haven’t been able to get together that often since school finished because we all have different jobs, different unis” Keelan said.

I’m curious about the university thing. What are they all studying? LOL. Funny question it seems. Keelan tells me he’s currently deferred but is quitting.

“Adam’s not at uni. Daniel is at uni. Richard has deferred,” they tell me. “I have a job at a discount store in Nerang. Apart from that, I don’t do a lot,” said Adam. Then Keelan says he’s just started working at Dick Smith.

If there’s one thing this conversation makes quite clear, it’s that the four guys who make up Electric Zebra are just four guys, trying to find their way on the path to music careers.

And they’re certainly taking the first steps. Having just released their four-track EP Modern Living, they’re excited, but realistic about what’s in store for them.

“Releasing the EP has made us feel more like a band,” Adam said. “We released two tracks last year and that feeling kind of died away until we released this.”

“We’ve seen our outreach grow significantly in the last couple of months,” he adds, telling me their social media following has doubled since the release of the EP, which Keelan both paid for and engineered. “Because he studied audio engineering, he could basically record, mix master for free for us.”

“I saved up for a quarter of a year,” Keelan said. “Working 40 hours a week at IGA for three months.”

The band have also amassed some 150,000 youtube views on their video channel. Quite a feat for up and comers.

Our conversation moves on to the Gold Coast music scene.

“We didn’t really follow the music scene here until we became a band ourselves,” Adam said. And when I press them about the scene generally the word abysmal slips from their lips before they change their tune ever so slightly.

“It’s nice because we feel like we have a good shot at becoming fairly large on the Gold Coast because there’s not that much competition.”

“But any venues, like the Shark Bar, demand that you have a big following,” Adam said. “Things like Otherside … publications like Blank GC and radio stations like Rabbit Radio are holding things together for bands like us.”

So, next year, what does it have in store? Working, writing, rehearsing,” Keelan tells me. “And we hope to release something else next year.”

In the meantime, get your ears around the EP Modern Living or follow the lads on Facebook for gig updates.

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