Rabbit Radio recommends: Klubknight

It’s not often that world politics influences music from the Gold Coast, but that’s exactly what has happened for two-piece electronic outfit Klubknight. Comprising Chris Lamaro and Brett Selwood, the duo have landed on their feet receiving nothing but praise from local industry as well as airplay from stations locally and abroad. Their EP From the Whiteboard is available now through itunes. We hung five with the pair ahead of their EP launch at Elsewhere.


If you could take 5 musicians / artists on a roadtrip around Australia, who would you choose?

LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost, Daft Punk, The Presets, Kanye West


The most under-rated musician right now? 

Funboys (Gold Coast)


What’s your most vivid musical memory?

We would have to say a memory that relates to us both as a collaboration. Probably the evening Klubknight spawned. We randomly met up and decided to go to Mylo when he played earlier this year on the coast. He played for about 4 hours straight, we didn’t leave the dance floor it was amazing.


What are your thoughts on the GC music scene?

Its most certainly there, depends on what you’re looking for, there is some really cool underground club stuff getting around, we think it’s really starting to grow and we will be seeing some really cool artists emerge in upcoming years. But still a very long way to go before we can be considered a “scene”


What’s the biggest challenge to up and coming Australian artists?

Certainly getting your music heard by the right people is a challenge, there is a lot of great music around, just has not been discovered. And touring without breaking the bank.


Klubknight launch their shiny new EP at Elsewhere,11 October.

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