Rabbits bring the house down

Casually cruising into  Swingin’ Safari to the sounds of Dead Books on a beautiful Saturday evening to celebrate Rabbit Radio turning two shall be one of the sweetest nightlife moments to ever be recalled in the 2014 calendar. This is what I thought after the party. I had similar stories shared by other attendees and therefore it is fact (this is how science works).

Rabbit Radio parties may now be officially included among the most prestigious and wondrous events to attend on the GC! Why was it so good? What makes any party “so” good? It can’t just be the drinks. It can’t just be the music. It can’t just be the crowd or atmosphere. What is this X-factor which some events capture whilst others do not? Turns out whatever this magical element may be was orchestrated and executed by some of the finest and most generous volunteers working at the RR Studios out of Miami.

The vibe, the buzz, the something was felt by all. I even bumped into an old work colleague out the front who was devastated because the venue had literally poured over capacity. He was desperate to get amongst it as were the other excited punters left outside queuing up for their chance to dance and drink with the most happening crowd in Surfers.

When I was asked to write my angle on this event I was both excited and confused. What was it that made this event such an unarguably grand success? What was it that made ME enjoy myself so? Was it the positive and proud members of RR all soaking up the fruits of their tireless weekly labour… a faint light of recognition for their commitment? Was it because friends of mine had travelled all the way from Brisbane to join and pay tribute to a unique community conquest happening out of the Miami studio? The honest answer is I just don’t f*cking know.

There was a sneaky kiss and cuddle I shared with one of the night’s performers (booyah!). But there was plenty of kissing and cuddling happening in the place so it was far from a unique moment to brag of. I also won the first competitive ping-pong challenge of the night. But this couldn’t be it either. I guess whatever “IT” was shall remain a RR secret recipe for now.

A huge thankyou needs to be breathed in by all who participated in this evening’s celebration. I don’t recall a single tense moment within the heaving crowd which suggested any aggressive intent. I don’t recall any glum or sad faces except for that moment when it all had to end. As for the team who planned, prepared and then professionally pulled off the greatest gig since Woodstock (mild exaggeration and no longer science)… you guys f*cking rock!

At audience request, I’ve no doubt the RR team shall endeavour to fill the calendar year with more consistent and equally entertaining nights. If you don’t support them then you may have to settle for quiet cups of tea and a good book for your Saturday nights. Because just attending any other party shall never be quite the same.

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Andrew Scott


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