WATCH: Radolescent’s Ballad of Lynn Howl

Radolescent, from the Gold Coast

You know when Brad Hosking and Mark Duckworth collaborate on the production of new punk material, there’s something special in the offing. Recorded at Blind Boy Studios, Radolescent’s new ball-tearer ‘The Ballad of Lynn Howl’ is equal parts scuzzy riffs and wailing vocals.

Radolescent have followed a tried and true recipe for great punk music. They’re brash and unashamedly in your face and most importantly, write songs with a healthy dose of antiestablishmentarianism. ‘The Ballad of Lynn Howl’, is just as chaotic as it is anthemic.

“The initial idea for the song came from back when we were younger,” muses vocalist and guitarist Isaac Atkinson. “We liked to get fucked up a lot and party.”

And that there is the building block for Radolescent’s furious  and fast sound, which shines bright in ‘The Ballad of Lynn Howl’.

“We haven’t really tried to make our music sound like anything in particular, it kind of just comes out that way after playing together,” said the band when we asked about their sound. “There are definitely some curveballs on the (next) record though.”

‘The Ballad of Lynn Howl’ is the second single released from the Radolescent’s debut full-length and yet-to-be-named record, due for release early in 2019.

If you like yourself a little punk, then you’re in luck because the new single will be launched with a big hometown hoedown this Saturday 15 December at Vines Dive Bar in Southport. That’s also where the film clip for ‘The Ballad of Lyn Howl’ was shot.

“We haven’t played the Gold Coast in, like … I don’t even know how long! We played here every second week for a good two years, but then we decided to spread our wings a bit and start playing the other major cities. So yeah, we’re all just itching to get in there,” said Isaac.

They’ll be supported by The Lonesomes and Perve Endings.

Watch Radolescent’s ‘Ballad of Lyn Howl’ now:

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Radolescent + The Lonesomes + Perve Endings
Vinnies Dive Bar, Saturday 15 December 2018

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