Radolescent launch debut EP ahead of Shakafest appearance

Three piece Gold Coast punk rockers Radolescent know how to bring the party – both on stage and off. Lurking in the dark corners of Gold Coast’s underground music scene since 2014, they’ve just released their debut EP ‘Scrape Ya Plate’. There’s a new single, a new video and a new live set to celebrate their first EP.

Isaac Atkinson (guitar / vocals) spoke to Blank GC about the journey so far.

“None of us had previous experience with playing live music, or playing in a band for that matter so the first two years consisted of us learning our instruments and jamming together,” Isaac said.

“Our first two gigs were for a mate’s birthday, where we would play in front of 20-30 people, needless to say we sucked and most likely stared at the ground the whole time. We then began playing gigs at venues in 2016, where we quickly learnt all about stage presence and how to get the crowd involved with our set.”

needless to say we sucked and most likely stared at the ground the whole time

The debut EP contains a bunch of previous material and features lead single ‘Fuku’. Radolescent have also thrown some energy into creating a video for the track.

“We basically got to throw a party with all of our mates and throughout the night film the shots we needed,” Isaac said. “Our good friend Alex Bowden came on board to help us with filming and production, which was awesome because he is a lord with a camera.”

And while the band has been honing their stage presence and music-making skills, they’re stoked to be doing it on the Gold Coast.

“The live music culture on the coast may not be as busy compared to the other major cities, however, I have noticed that more and more touring bands are stopping in to play venues such as Sharkbar and Miami Marketta. I reckon this is the best thing because it means that people on the coast are keen to see bands play instead of somebody pressing play on their laptop in a dark danky nighclub.”

And what does the rest of 2017 hold for the band? Isaac says they’re hoping to go back into the studio to start work on their next EP.

“We have heaps of new material we would love to record,” he told Blank GC.

“In the meantime Lachlan (Barker, bass) and I are in the last year of our respective uni degrees so the majority of our energy will most likely go towards that.”

Radolescent is Isaac Atkingon, Kurt Pearce and Lachlan Barker. They stand alongside Aussie greats like Grinspoon and DZ Deathrays when they play Shakafest in August, but before that, they’ll launch their EP at Miami Shark Bar on Friday 15 July, with support from Liquid Face, The Lonesomes and Cherrypickers

You can download the ‘Scrape Ya Plate’ EP for free via bandcamp.

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Saturday 15 July | ‘Scrape Ya Plate’ EP Launch, Miami Shark Bar, with Liquid Face, The Lonesomes and Cherrypickers

Saturday 19 August | Shakafest at Miami Shark Bar with Grinspoon, DZ Deathrays, Tired Lion and more.


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