Local artist goes viral with ‘Enough’

We meet the Gold Coast woman behind the iconic ‘Enough’ logo that flooded our feeds during the women’s March 4 Justice a few weeks ago.

Gold Coast artist Rae Mitchell designed the logo (a woman’s face in profile screaming the words ‘ENOUGH’ in red), in a fit of rage and pain.

“The day of the Christian Porter press conference I spent a lot of time in-between a high level of anger and depression, following what was happening on social media,” Rae tells us.

“Each post was more upsetting and more anger-inducing than the last and I seriously just wanted to just stand there and scream, and that’s when the idea for the design formed in my mind.

“So I went home and designed it for myself and my friends to wear to the march.”

After posting it to local social and activism group Gold Coast Feminists, where she received an enthusiastic response from her fellow group members, Rae decided to post it to the official March 4 Justice page in case it resonated with anyone else. Turns out, it did.

“I offered to email high res versions of the image to anyone who wanted to use it for t-shirts, banners or posters and I got close to 1000 emails,” Rae recalls.

“Every single one of them was personal, and every one of them thanked me for creating an image that expressed their rage, their frustration, their sadness.

Having that small connection with these women was so powerful and so life affirming, which is something that I will always cherish.

Organisers of the march quickly adopted Rae’s design as the header image for their social media accounts, and soon, Rae’s ‘Enough’ became the official logo of the event.

“One of the organisers sent me a message and she said ‘are you ready for your image to become a symbol of this movement?’ and I said ‘Fuck yes!!’,” Rae exclaims.

“My only conditions to it being used was that no one made a profit from it, and any money raised will always go to women’s causes.”

On the day of the Brisbane march, Rae found herself confronted by a sea of banners, masks, signs and t-shirts with her design on them, an experience she describes as “the proudest moment of my life”.

“I definitely had quite a few ‘wtf’ moments,” Rae laughs. “And then I cried because I’m super in touch with my emotions, but mostly I just smiled with pride and felt a connection with each person I saw holding it or wearing it.

“I loved that I was there with Gold Coast Feminists. I loved that we all got to stand behind that sign wearing our t-shirts and being proud, strong feminists together. It was my favourite part of the day.”

The nationwide marches attracted more than 100,000 participants, and have lit a fire under a very public and necessary conversation about rape, consent, and the generations of trauma that women have faced in this country, even at the hands of some of our most powerful citizens.

But it doesn’t end here.

Rae hopes the visibility and momentum of the movement will also bring more local women into the feminism fold.

“I want to help to take social activism to a new level on the Gold Coast with our Gold Coast Feminists group, and also with a recent campaign a friend and I have started – the I Believe Her Project,” she says.

“I want us to help bring about the changes that are needed for women to feel they can report the crimes perpetrated against them and to do so without having to endure another form of assault all over again by the police, the public, the media and our judicial system.”

To get involved in feminism on the Gold Coast, check out Gold Coast Feminists on Meetup, and @goldcoastfeminists on socials. We will have more on the I Believe Her Project in a coming edition, but for now you can follow @ibelieveherproject.

Wherever you are in Australia, you can call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) for confidential information, counselling and support on sexual assault, domestic or family violence and abuse.

Disclaimer: Natalie is the founder of Gold Coast Feminists and the co-founder of the I Believe Her Project.


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