Real//Talks get real with Emily Hosking

Local boys, Real//Talks don’t really fancy themselves a Gold Coast band, nor a Brisbane band for that matter. They don’t particularly wish to belong to any music scene and instead, just want focus on being a hard working band, writing and playing their songs and to pick up loyal fans along the way. Emily Hosking caught up for a coffee with Aldo (lead singer/guitarist) and his brother Hamish (lead guitar) to talk about the March release of their self-titled debut EP.


So where did the name Real//Talks come from?

I’m not really sure… We just decided we’d change the name (from The Lion’s Children) and I think it came from wanting a neutral name that didn’t rub anyone the wrong way. Plus it’s actually a slight R. Kelly reference.


7 band members…. That must take a bit of coordinating. Could you paint us a picture of a typical Real//Talks rehearsal/jam?

Yeah, it’s pretty hard getting everyone to practice but somehow we pull it together. We don’t really practice our sets, it’s usually more of a really long jam where band members come in and out.


The EP was recorded at a bunch of different places including Incremental Records and the Griffith University Con Studios. Was this a DIY effort and how did you find the process of recording your first EP as a band?

Essentially it was a DIY effort. We just tried to record it all as simply as possible so we recorded with some friends around the place who were interested in helping us find our sound. The recording process is always a hard thing, and sometimes it is the approach that is most important. We’re definitely improving in the studio and I think we’ve found a sound people can follow.


While the music of Real//Talks manages to fit in perfectly with the popular indie genre of today, there is something really unique about your sound as a band. Who would you say were the biggest musical influences through the creation of the EP?

Oh that’s kind. I think that it’s definitely a result of the weird mixture of people in the group and the range of everyone’s influences. While we were writing the EP, I was listening to a lot of different music, but I think the main influences that shone through were The Smiths, Frightened Rabbit and Wild Nothing.


It’s a Saturday night and we’re keen to catch a Real//Talks show. What should the audience expect, and what’s a venue we are likely to catch you at?

Whenever we actually manage to get everyone together to a show, we arrive like a gang of strangers, and possess the stage. It’s always great having to squeeze all of us on little stages; it’s good bonding time! And you’ll definitely catch us on the streets. We spent a lot of time last year playing warehouse shows around Brisbane and Toowoomba so it’s good to be back in venues. You can catch us play The Loft (Gold Coast) 8 March and The Waiting Room (Brisbane) 14 March.


The EP features some awesome art by Theresa Grace Fryer, Dan Ward, your brother Jeremy, and yourself (Aldo). The back cover also reads a quote by Kurt Vonnegut…“Of all of the words Of Mice and Men, the saddest are, ‘it might have been.’” What relevance did this quote have to the EP?

The EP art was an idea I had floating around for a while but it was the photography of Theresa, and Jeremy’s design that made it possible. Kurt Vonnegut is an author I am very fond of and the quote represents the importance of literature in my lyrics. Writers such as Vonnegut, Ernest Hemmingway and John Steinbeck influence a lot of my words and thoughts, plus the quote itself is just a perfect truth about any dream or desire.


Congratulations on the release of the EP! What’s next for Real//Talks?

Thanks! Our next step after the EP release will be to keep writing and to cover new ground. We’re also playing a heap of shows in the coming months around the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


Catch Real//Talks at their Gold Coast EP Launch show at The Loft of Saturday 8 March with Jakarta Criers and Alaska Homer.

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