Record Store Day hits beatniks

2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Record Store Day, held annually on a Saturday in April. Its goal is to celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store. In case that sounds a bit formal, I’ll break it down. Record Store Day is a party in a record shop.

The day brings together fans, artists and thousands of independent record stores across the world. Limited edition records are pressed specifically for the day and there are unique releases for each country which are only distributed to shops participating in the event.

One of the Gold Coast stores participating in the event is beatniks, located in Broadbeach. beatniks owner Jayden Faas said Record Store Day is an important one from a bricks and mortar perspective.

“The physical format was dying for most of the early 2000s due to downloading and there were so many old school stores hanging on by a thread, there’s not many left,” Jayden said.

“The resurgence in vinyl sales just goes to show it’s a format that people still want to collect, hold, show their friends.”

“Without you’re local record store, I think it would be hard to keep that sense of camaraderie. You can always have a yarn at your record store, you can’t have a yarn to your mp3 player.”

Special releases for Record Store Day were announced earlier this month, and as usual, the list is eclectic. But Jayden explains that not all stores get all the records they order, so it’s like an old fashioned vinyl hunt.

The resurgence in vinyl sales just goes to show it’s a format that people still want to collect, hold, show their friends.

“Basically, a lot of the record labels get together and release specific releases in limited numbers just for that day,” he said. “A list comes out about a month prior to the day and the idea is that you go to your favourite store on the day and try to find the gold you’re after.”

In terms of special releases, there’s 5000 each of two David Bowie sets and just 1500 copies of Motorhead’s Clean Your Clock. There’s 5000 copies of Prince’s Little Red Corvette (7”) and 5000 copies of Ramones’ ‘76 – ‘79 singles box set.

In terms of first releases, you can grab Grouplove’s Little Mess EP (only 2700 produced) or Frank Zappa’s Rollo / Portland Improvisation 10” (only 4000 produced).

The thing is, the only way to know which releases your local record store has been able to secure is to visit the store in question.

“We’ve ordered so much,” Jayden says. “Unfortunately, due to the limited numbers, no store is guaranteed to get all of what they’ve ordered.”

And if all those amazing records isn’t enough to get you off the couch, you can rest assured that there’s a multi-sensory adventure awaiting you at your local record store for the special day.



Like other record stores, beatniks is planning live music from local artists as well as a heap of giveaways.

“We’re giving away turntables from Pro-Ject Audio and Audio Technica and lots of spot prizes during the day,” Jayden said.

“It’s going to be a great celebration of music and its culture. Even if you don’t collect vinyl, come down and meet tons of music fans in their element!”

You might even win a turntable.

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Record Store Day is Saturday 22 April and beatniks is located in Neicon Plaza, Broadbeach Mall.



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