RED | Expressionism Group Show

Red – the colour of extremes. It’s not only the colour of love and seduction but also of violence, danger, anger and adventure.

Expressionism – the artistic style where an artist seeks to develop pictorial forms to express their innermost feelings rather than to simply represent the external world as it is.

Welcome to RED – a group show where we have handpicked a selection of artists from around the globe to delve into their emotions and create works to depict this style, but never losing touch with their own signature artistic form.

The result is an absolutely stunning collection of works that simply quiver with vitality and will set the Sofitel Gold Coast alight with an explosion of colour and emotion.


Opening night will be a feast for the eyes and the ears, with music, food, drinks and 2 of our artists painting live on the night – Helen Holmes and Richard Blundell.

We are encouraging our guests to wear a splash of red in celebration of the event.

The show is co-curated by artist Richard Denny and 19 Karen Gallery Director Terri Lew. Early last year, Richard presented Terri with the idea of curating a group show based on the style of expressionism. A list of artists was decided upon and the invitation to become part of this show was extended to the participating artists. The result has been a beautiful and complex collection of works to delight your imagination featuring a collection of local, Australian and International artists.

Opening Night: Friday 1st May 2015

6-8pm at Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach 

PHOTOS: Juan Arata, PONK + Helen Oprey, AUTUMN

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